What is the SalesFix Customer Success Program (Managed Service) and how can it help you get the best from your Salesforce?

In high-functioning workplaces with savvy, trained staff it can be hard to balance a forward-thinking approach with day-to-day needs, many businesses can get distracted from their larger goals.

InfoNation Melbourne Showcase

The best content from our InfoNation Melbourne event featuring DonateLife Victoria and Ardoch.

Service Cloud – your customer engagement superstar

If customer engagement is high on your business’s priority list but you’re still relying on ‘old school’ techniques such as email and phone calls to manage your customers, Service Cloud may be the answer.

Confessions of a people manager

So here’s a secret: when the energy in a team is positive, collectively the team can achieve something astounding. People energised around an ambitious goal transform into a powerful force.

How a CRM helps you know your customers

With many businesses losing their ability to interact face-to-face with their customers, having a full understanding of their needs and ensuring a good customer experience has never been more important. However, doing so can seem like a daunting task, especially when times are changing.

Life beyond COVID-19 – what will the next ‘new normal’ look like?

We’ve heard a lot this year about being in a ‘new normal’ but, like lockdowns, this ‘normal’ is only temporary.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

With so much uncertainty in the economy at the moment, ‘hunkering down’ seems like the obvious solution to saving money. However, as our National Sales Manager notes, this approach may not deliver the desired value in the long run.

Salesforce CRM Health Check – Why You Need One Now

Our CRM Health Check & Business Review is an inexpensive way to make sure your business is getting the most from your investment in people, processes and technology. Perfect for SMB’s who have had significant business change or growth in the past 1-2 years and are unsure what to do next.

9 Tips to Conquer the world from home

If you are new to working at home, it can be hard to switch into work mode every day. These nine tips may help you create a healthy and productive work from home environment.

How Salesforce is Evolving the Mobile Workforce

With phones and other mobile devices becoming so prevalent in modern society, using a workforce management tool can help you collect and organise information, keep your team up to date, and reduce the need for extra paperwork no matter your location.