Maximising Your Salesforce Investment: A Strategic Approach

Fully leverage your Salesforce investment by following our guide designed to help you navigate the complexities of Salesforce budgeting.

What is the SalesFix Customer Success Program (Managed Service) and how can it help you get the best from your Salesforce?

In high-functioning workplaces with savvy, trained staff it can be hard to balance a forward-thinking approach with day-to-day needs, many businesses can get distracted from their larger goals.

Why a good Business Analyst could save your project!

How a trip to buy a new bike helped our National Sales Manager Nicole reaffirm why having a Good Business Analyst could save your project, and the possibility of getting a sore neck.

Change Management for Salesforce Projects

Many businesses believe that changing or upgrading their technology platform will help solve their issues, but are left disappointed when the project fails.

As our Business Development Manager, Yaou Smets outlines, ensuring successful change management involves a lot more than simply implementing new technology.

Nonprofit is no easy-peasy business

By their very definition, not-for-profit organisations are a different form of business.

2020: Highlights, challenges and looking forward

When the clocks ticked over to 2020 on January 1 this year, no-one could have known what a tumultuous year it would turn out to be. If you’d told the party revellers that within 4 months, the world would be gripped by a health epidemic and borders would close, events would be cancelled, and people’s movements restricted due to lockdowns, they would have no doubt looked at you like you had already partied too much.

Confessions of a people manager

So here’s a secret: when the energy in a team is positive, collectively the team can achieve something astounding. People energised around an ambitious goal transform into a powerful force.

Journey from Admin to Consultant

One of the advantages being part of the Salesforce ecosystem offers is the ability to upskill or change direction throughout the course of your career.

How adversity brings people together

We’ve all heard the saying, it’s not personal, it’s business. It’s often trotted out as an excuse for pushing personal morales aside and acting in a way that isn’t particularly kind.

However, according to our National Sales Manager, Nicole Aebi-Moyo, business and kindness don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

A peek inside the Cookie jar

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? No not the yummy, sweet, calorie-laden cookie monster type cookie, we’re talking internet cookies.