Customer Success Program

SalesFix Customer Success Program provides you with multi-level support to help you develop and maintain your Salesforce platform.

Are you getting the maximum benefit
and ROI on your Salesforce investment?

For many organisations it is hard to find the time to implement a continuous improvement plan and provide ongoing support for your Salesforce investment. The amount of internal resources to maintain and align Salesforce with your internal business strategy can come at a significant cost and sometimes be overwhelming for your team.

Through twelve years of helping organisations implement and successfully integrate Salesforce with their daily operations we have developed a Customer Success Program that provides you with people power and a proactive approach to get maximum benefit from your Salesforce investment.  We take the complicated and make it simple, so your team can concentrate on what is important to your organisation.

How Does the SalesFix Customer Success Program work?

Our Customer Success Program provides your organisation with multi-level support to help you develop and maintain your Salesforce platform, bringing you continual benefits and ensuring that your internal resources are focused on growing your organisation and keeping your customers engaged.

SalesFix has a dedicated Customer Success Team
that delivers two types of support:

Managed Service

Customer Success Managed Service covers two areas of support that is provided over a minimum of twelve months and up to three years.

Continuous Improvement Strategy

Your organisation is continuously evolving and growing to meet the needs of your customers.  We identify and align your Salesforce with your business strategies and goals through a continuous improvement process that unfolds throughout your engagement with SalesFix.  We provide you with the experts to map and deliver on your more technically complex goals and reduce the need for internal resources to keep your organisation running smoothly.

Reactive Support

In tangent with your continuous improvement strategy the SalesFix team ensures your Salesforce is working at its optimum level.
We facilitate the smaller details that can take up time such as:

We like to think that the SalesFix Customer Success team will become an extension of your organisation and give you the reassurance that there is someone available to step in and provide expertise, availability and guidance that meet your business needs and keep your users happy.

AdHoc Support
Reactive service led by the customer

Customer Success AdHoc support is provided on an as needed basis depending on the customers requirements. This is a reactive service led by the customer who might need escalation support, specific small body of work or general guidance on how to achieve a specified outcome.

AdHoc support can be provided for requirements such as:

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One of the benefits of working with SalesFix is they know how to listen.
They are the technical experts but they really understand our culture, our people and how we work together. This has allowed SalesFix to come up with unique solutions for us that have been adopted for the long term.

CEO, Fitted for Work

Our Customer Success Program is perfect for your organisation if…

You have a new Salesforce platform and require training and support.

Your internal Salesforce expert resources are limited and you struggle to hire Salesforce talent.

Your Salesforce solution has become too complex to manage by your internal admins.

You need an experienced Salesforce system administrator,
but do not have the budget.

You are finding it difficult to align your organisational goals and requirements with your Salesforce.

You are unable to keep up with new features, updates and or make small improvements.

Every organisation is different and through our extensive experience we can help you take the complicated, make it simple and help you get the most from your Salesforce. If you are not sure
on what you need or how to best align your Salesforce with your organisation, let’s have a chat.