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    2. Wish someone would take the lead on your Salesforce CRM issues?

    Wish someone would take the lead on your Salesforce CRM issues?

    • What happens to support after Salesforce is implemented?

      In many business environments, managing Customer Relationship Management with ongoing business goals is a daily challenge.

      Some businesses want to keep an eagle’s eye view on everything; looking forward to the next leads and opportunities, planning and projecting forward, and keeping an eye to strategy at all times. While others keep a worm’s eye view. With a ‘business as usual’ approach, managers can only hope staff will react to issues if (and only if!) they arise.

      And some businesses do both.

      In high-functioning workplaces with savvy, trained staff, juggling both is more common than you think. While balancing a forward-thinking approach with day-to-day needs, many businesses can get distracted from their larger goals.

      This is where the Salesforce Productivity Plus Service comes in.

      We developed a service to provide a new, proactive service in addition to all our usual ongoing support. We can review and improve your existing processes, and plan and report to help you better understand how Salesforce works in your organisation. We want to help take the lead in your business CRM to identify and resolve issues before they arise.

    • What does reactive Salesforce support provide?

      With such a large and ever-changing ecosystem, ongoing support is needed to get the most from your tailored CRM. With the Salesforce Productivity Plus Service, we can provide predictable pricing, plus a guaranteed delivery schedule:

      • User management to ensure correct profiles and permissions set are assigned
      • Demystify pre-release Salesforce reviews for your benefit
      • After a new Salesforce release, ensure critical items are reviewed
      • Create and monitor deduplication rules to keep your data clean
      • Monitor system backup to the Cloud
      • Chatter adoption and tips to maximise internal communications and workflow
      • Review reports and dashboards to keep internal reporting in check
      • Security health check to ensure your system and data is kept safe

      It’s all the bits and pieces that suck the time out of your team’s day, plus expert Salesforce advice to keep your CRM flying. And it’s all in addition to our current reactive service, ensuring SalesFix is available to help with remote and on-the-spot support for urgent issues.

    • Why is managed Salesforce support good for business?

      We blogged previously about how a good partner not only helps you navigate the vast systems, training modules and capability of Salesforce, but also looks at the ‘why’ of your business.  Thinking strategically – from a technology point of view – helps refine and hone not only your in-house staff skills, but also keeps your overall goals on track. It’s an attitude that goes well beyond ‘business as usual’.

      How could managed support help you get more out of your CRM?

      1. Fast, expert service resulting in higher productivity.
      2. Relieve staff pressure on internal resources and increase the focus on core business.
      3. Make more informed decisions about regular Salesforce product upgrades and new features.
      4. Better tracking and reporting of your sales team’s activities.
      5. Predictable pricing, allowing you to accurately track ROI.
      6. More efficient processes across your entire company, resulting in less frustration, drudgery, and wasted time.
    • Reactive Salesforce support checklist 

      • Your business has more than 20 Salesforce users
      • You need Salesforce help, but don’t need to commit to a dedicated in-house resource
      • You’re looking for a reasonably priced solution
      • You’re looking for a flexible solution: one that balances ongoing support with proactive intervention

      Does this sound like your business? With the Salesforce Productivity Plus Service, you can keep an eagle-eye view on your business – and keep the worms in check too.