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    2. Why do you need a Salesforce Partner?

    Why do you need a Salesforce Partner?

    • Going beyond ‘out of the box’

      There’s no doubt that Salesforce is a mighty CRM. With almost any business need addressed, as well as hundreds of easy-to-use features, from the outside, it looks so easy to set up and run. So why do businesses still hire a Salesforce Partner?

      A wonky Salesforce implementation can be disastrous for running a long-term, scalable CRM.

      Many businesses are then left with a dilemma that no-one wants to solve. Most struggle along with what they’ve got, avoiding the trouble spots and using only a fraction of the full power of Salesforce. Or they reluctantly look into hiring a Salesforce Partner, painfully aware of the time and cost spent already. It’s around this time that Salesforce becomes a pretty unpopular word in the workplace.

      Isn’t there a better way to do this?

      At SalesFix we think so! If you’re looking to hire a Salesforce consulting partner, here is why successful businesses engage Partners to help plan, implement, and train staff.

      Think strategy before tactics

      A lot of businesses tend to file ‘Salesforce’ under ‘technology/nerds/speak to Trevor in IT’. While it is one of the largest CRMs out there, above all other functions it is a business-focused solution.

      This is why a good Salesforce Partner wants to speak with management to get to know your business first, well before implementation, apps, fields, page layouts, and all technical detail. They will want to spend a minimum ½ day discussing organisation charts, your business structure, and sources of sales. They also want to know the problems you’re experiencing, any process issues or needs, what applications you’re currently using – and what you think of them.

      You know that with great power comes great responsibility

      Many CRM functions seem easy, but with the wrong implementation, businesses can unintentionally create massive inefficiencies or gaps. Implementing Salesforce with a Partner helps you create a system that’s robust, easy for end users, responsive to the problems and process outlined in the first consultation, and scalable when you need. Partners also know that what looks like a basic process (such as data migration) can account for the majority of CRM-related costs. Implementing Salesforce to your business means much more than pressing ‘import’!

      You train hard

      From blogs to demo videos and documentation, the Salesforce ecosystem has so much to offer. As an informed buyer, it’s up to you to get a sense of what’s possible for your business. Salesforce training ground Trailhead contains over 50 recommended learning modules of only 30 minutes each. Once your CRM is in place, this is a fantastic place to pick up hints and tips to configure your system.

      While it’s possible to construct and add fields yourself through training, a good partner will always ask ‘why?’ Extra bells and whistles may or may not be what your business, staff, and customers need. If you use Salesforce training tools for your routine upkeep, your Salesforce Partner will always form the backbone of your strategic business needs.

      You’re here for a long time not just a good time!

      Evolving business changes from year to year. People and roles develop, and while the logo stays the same, sometimes the nature of that business is completely different years down the track! This is why a trusted Salesforce Partner helps your business grow with you.

      They ask searching questions that may be hard to answer. They take the lead with a clear and focused process and have the experience of hundreds, if not thousands of Salesforce projects like yours. And once your project is complete, they debrief and continue to train and support your staff. They adapt and evolve your business strategy with Salesforce to continually improve.

      A great Salesforce Partner will ‘think like a CRM’ so you don’t have to. With experienced insight, Salesforce is customisable, agile and responsive to your business. With a Salesforce Partner’s help and support to your business strategy, you’ll be able to fully explore all the features of this amazing platform.

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