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    Naked Consultants to travel to Cambodia

    • In October of this year, ten Brisbane based salesforce consultants will make their way to Cambodia as part of a fabulous reward scheme run by SalesFix.  

      The aim was to achieve sales targets and be rewarded with a trip, but instead of going on holiday the team wanted to do something that meant that they’d leave a little bit of themselves behind in a country that can use all the help it gets.

      These hardworking honest lot will (luckily) be fully clothed during the process, which is probably for the best, seen as they will be volunteering their time with Volunteer Building Cambodia, an organisation that helps to build wells, toilets and safe dry housing in some of the most rural and poorest areas of Cambodia.

      SalesFix are a trailblazer in the ever-evolving industry of online CRM and business solution platforms. In 6 short years Jason Lawrence, one of Australia’s leading experts in Business systems has taken his business from strength to strength. SalesFix is making themselves known as one of Salesforce’s most sought after implementation partners and its showing.

      SalesFix is now known as one of only four Gold Salesforce Partners in Australia and Jason himself is one of only seven Salesforce MVP’s in the country (Most Valued Professional). It’s no small feat to achieve this and he and his team are reaping the rewards, and some of Cambodia’s poorest people soon will too.

      So why are we calling them naked? Well, SalesFix use the naked consulting theory, which means that honesty, and being courageous with how and what they communicate is of paramount importance to them and the results they deliver to their clients.

      “Our customers can and often do become an extended arm of our business. That’s because we provide open and honest insights to their business, we challenge the status quo and we walk away if we don’t believe we are the solution. The difference between consulting and selling…..”

      It’s what is winning them client after client and why they don’t need to advertise as all of their work comes from loyal referrals.

      How can you go wrong with a company that strives to achieve so much and then shares the love with people who need it more than most? A lot of business owners around the world would benefit from taking a leaf out of SalesFix’s book.

      Imagine if all business owners were honest, genuine, actually interested in getting a result and less worried about the bottom line. Imagine if part of the profit of a business went back into helping countries that need a hand. Imagine if all of the staff were always happy and never took time off and were always ultra productive. Well – you don’t have to imagine, because this is life for the SalesFix crew.

      “We reward our team for great results with an incentive scheme. We have set up a reward scheme (bonuses) on a quarterly basis across 3 areas – Did the business reach a quarterly target, the individual contribution to the team, & manager’s discretion. Last year we all took a trip to the US to attend the Salesforce Dreamforce conference”

      Everyone needs a goal, everyone wants to like their work, everyone has a life so if you can balance this then you’re winning.

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