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    How to improve your customer relations by using a CRM

    • How CRM Empowers Your Customer Relations

      Modern times call for modern solutions. Business today takes place on a global scale and, in order to keep up, your company needs to take advantage of any edge it can get.

      Customers have increasingly high expectations due to the constant arms race taking place between companies vying for their business. A key aspect for earning and retaining a customer’s business is through creating and maintaining meaningful relationships.

      How Does CRM Help You?

      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and software can empower your business to create lasting connections. A powerful CRM for customer relations helps you to foster deep connections with your customers so you can leave a lasting impression and create brand loyalty within your consumer base. They help you organise all the pertinent customer and transaction data, so you can better serve and market to your current and future customers.

      Not only can these systems track data; they can also generate reports, forecast sales and automate marketing and customer service processes. A CRM helps you get the most out of your time and efforts by capitalising on your successes and providing guidance regarding potential missed opportunities. Utilising a centralised CRM system across your company can keep sales, marketing and support staff all on the same page so everyone has the information they need to best meet the customer’s needs.

    • How Does CRM Benefit the Customer?

      CRM empowers businesses to better understand their customers on a deeper level. Keeping track of past interactions and transactions enables companies to grasp each customer’s specific history and preferences fully. This means the customer is treated as an individual by each contact point they have with your business because everyone is kept abreast of the customer’s situation and history.

      CRM systems allow the customer to receive more positive interactions that come from a place of understanding and genuine interest. Proper utilisation and management of CRM can lead to more personalised encounters with customers that properly addresses their needs through knowledge of past interactions. Additionally, that information can be used by your CRM to predict the customer’s needs by recognising trends and can send out personalised marketing and promotions to keep the customer engaged and coming back to your business.

      Creating a relationship between your company and your customers is key to success and retaining that connection requires personalisation that takes into account each customer’s unique character and history. Keeping track of the specific details of all your customers requires constant vigilance and maintenance, but a powerful CRM system can help bear the burden for you and your team by providing a centralised, simplified viewport for all relevant customer data. This is where Salesforce comes in.

    • Why Choose Salesforce?

      Their success speaks volumes regarding the quality of the service they provide – Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform with over 150,000 companies utilising their services. Salesforce CRM empowers your company to treat each customer like they’re your only client by helping you to understand their needs, find solutions to their problems and discover opportunities to serve them better. Salesforce is fully scalable and customisable to meet all your organisation’s needs.

      Salesforce CRM is a scalable platform designed to grow with your company’s needs. You can customise and upgrade its capabilities with pre-integrated apps from the AppExchange, the world’s largest business app marketplace. Salesforce is dedicated to innovation and providing the world’s leading services to businesses of all sizes. They’ve been ranked #1 by International Data Corporation (IDC) for the past four years in a row.

      Salesforce empowers customer relations management with cutting edge technology and practical design. You can even access Salesforce applications from your mobile phone and run your business on the go. They provide the tools you need to connect your business to the world. Salesforce offers out-of-the-box solutions that emphasise ease of use and adoption, or you can fully customise Salesforce CRM to meet the needs of your business.

      As the world’s leading CRM software, Salesforce is capable of integrating with all sorts of services or software you might already be using. There are also over 3,000 pre-integrated apps available through AppExchange to provide any compatibility you may require. Salesforce is constantly innovating in the world of customer relations and focuses on creating success for itself through the success of its customers. Salesforce CRM is a powerful tool your company needs to find, win and keep customers.

      Qualifying as a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner is an achievement SalesFix is very proud of. Our expert Salesforce consultants partner with you to fulfil your requirements and help meet your goals. Contact us today for more information.


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