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Saving time, saving lives: how DonateLife Victoria transformed getting their vital work done. When it comes to organ donation, time is incredibly precious.

Completing the life-changing magic that is a successful organ donation isn’t possible without a complex, high-pressure dance between a wide range of parties – organ donors, their families, nurses, logistics staff, hospitals and surgeons, to name a few.

Tying them all together are organisations like DonateLife Victoria (DLV). 

Victoria has the highest rate of organ donation in the country, and DLV has highly trained specialist staff in hospitals across Victoria to coordinate organ and tissue donation across the state.

But their remit is much larger than that – they also manage organ donation awareness, provide hospital and community education, and support Victorian donor families.

DonateLife's Journey

We would not have the platform we have today without SalesFix.
They listened to us, they listened to our needs and were solution focused. They delivered and continue to deliver.

Melissa Brouwer
DonateLife Victoria


While DLV was focused on their life-saving work, their lack of systems was making life harder than it needed to be.

DLV General Manager Tony Holland says they were running all their operations through spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. “Even simple things like looking up someone’s phone number or email address was a complicated task,” he says. “You might have to look in many different locations to find it.”

Frustration was far from the only cost though – their manual system was dependent on key people. “It was too easy to forget simple compliance issues, like vehicle registration and insurance,” Tony says.

“So many of these processes were reliant on people, and when someone left, then the whole thing could fall in a heap.”

The lack of systems also made it hard to share information with DLV’s partners, whether that was letting their partner hospitals know when DLV’s nurses were rostered on, or keeping the federal Organ and Tissue Authority updated on their operations.
“We were providing annual data to them about seven months in arrears. The process for transmitting the data was very, very slow, which meant the data was old by the time it got to them,” Tony says.

Knowing that they needed a better, less manual system to elevate their operations, DLV partnered with Salesforce consulting partner SalesFix to implement Salesforce as their core CRM,
along with Experience Cloud.


The result was a lot more than just doing away with spreadsheets.


Mr Holland says the most transformative aspects have been transparency and automation, thanks in large part to centralising their data, information and marketing management.

A crucial outcome of this was a community portal that their partners could use to easily access real-time information about staff, from staff records to schedules, to training and qualifications. Like many not-for-profits, DLV’s needs are unique, as is the way it works with its various partners.

That’s why a partner like SalesFix was such an important part of the process, by helping DLV customise each aspect of Salesforce implementation as they went, rigorously ensuring it was not just fit-for-purpose, but ideal.

“With Salesforce, we can track people’s progress in a way that was impossible before, but we can also award badges to competencies.”

It’s also helped underpin a revolution in how DLV offers training.

“We’ve taken our initial training program from six months to three months, we’ve imported blended online learning and we’re about to introduce simulation training,” Mr Holland says.

The new system has also helped them streamline some aspects of their marketing and communications, to ensure donor family and recipient case studies are easier to record. to competencies.”

A big goal moving forward is to build on the existing foundation to complete the transformation of the communications approach.

This is particularly so for the vast network of supporters they have built, customising and streamlining how they communicate with them.


While the benefits of their new ways of working are already being felt, Mr Holland says he can see where else they elevate how they work. “We’ve already found by starting and getting the basic platform right, we’re identifying other things we can do as well. We’re just at the beginning, but it’s very exciting because we can see how transparency will improve the work we do with all of our partners and stakeholders,” Tony says.

“This is a very complex area of medicine and there’s a lot on people’s plates, we don’t want to make it any harder than it has to be. We want to make their lives easier by doing this, and that’s what we’ve done.”



DonateLife internal team members accessing the most up-to-date information in real-time with no delays.


Business affiliations now being easily and accurately managed by the DonateLife team through Salesforce.


External hospitals able to access real-time information
about schedules, training and qualifications as well as view, monitor and act upon required monthly KPIs.


Experience Cloud 

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