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    Inspired by the natural health benefits of honey, Comvita was founded in 1974 by Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen. The creators established Comvita on the principles of running a business as a force for good to help people, and are proud to have a workforce of people who feel they are part of a much bigger picture. Comvita now has over 500 staff across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the UK and USA.

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      2015 Jul




      Health, Manufacturing

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    • SalesFix are always very interested in our business. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping us improve our business processes and always go the extra mile in servicing their customers.
      The whole project ran very smoothly and SalesFix gave 110% of what they offered.

      David Bathgate
      General Manager, Comvita
    • Comvita wanted to deepen their understanding of their customers. They already had a database and wanted to leverage this information to better understand their customers. “We sought to get a robust measurement of loyalty through the Net Promoter Score (NPS). We needed to gather this data cost-effectively, in a way that was easy to execute, and that could automatically populate Salesforce with the data so we could create cases as necessary. Over the long term, we want to develop a deeper understanding of our brand and our customers.”

  • Key Benefits

    • Insightful

      With an advanced system integrated into Salesforce®, Comvita is able to gain better insights into their customer base. By leveraging the information in their database, their easy to use, cost-effective system now delivers a robust measurement of customer loyalty.

    • Accessible

      With advanced dashboards and accessible surveys results, all staff have easy access to meaningful data about their customers. A central database and visual survey results allow customer analysis and engagement to be shared across the team.

    • Evolved

      Long-term, Comvita will be able to expand the Salesforce implementation to evolve with their brand management needs. We will need to evolve our research questionnaires as the feedback comes in to get better and improved depths of insights into our market intelligence.

  • The Challenge

    • Before engaging SalesFix, Comvita was unable to reach out to their customers in a manner that was easy to execute and analyse. Their existing NPS survey (called 1st VoC) was distributed 1-2 times a year to customers in Australia and New Zealand. It was created in SurveyMonkey and was not integrated with Salesforce.

      “Our email marketing application wasn’t integrated with Salesforce either. This made the NPS surveys difficult to distribute, difficult to populate the responses into our central (Salesforce) database, and also difficult to access the data to give us a real view of our customers.”

      NPS survey responses had to be manually migrated across to Salesforce and stored against the Lead/Contact. This led to a number of issues: the data collected wasn’t easily accessible, and it wasn’t easy to extract any real meaning from the survey results. “From the results, we found it impossible to automatically create cases. For example, if our NPS survey unveiled a customer issue we couldn’t automatically transfer it to a case for follow-up.”

    • The Implementation

      Comvita and SalesFix first integrated the results from previous
      customer research into Salesforce by customer number. This
      enabled staff to understand if any individual customers had

      “The Case Management implementation then gave us immediate access to generate individual cases, based on what we unveiled through the research. So we could address issues on individual customers historically, as well as into the future.”

      SalesFix also implemented an application called Getfeedback
      which is now used in all customer surveys and ongoing NPS.

      “The Getfeedbacktool is integrated with our email application as well as Salesforce, so now we have a range of reports and dashboards. We also have a customised object for survey results giving us a holistic view of what our customers think”.

    • The SalesFix Solution

      All key milestones and timelines were hit. From integration to testing, design and launch, the project took approximately eight weeks from start to live date.

      Comvita staff are now empowered with easy access to meaningful data about their customers on a case-by-case basis. With a central database and brilliant visual survey results, customer analysis and engagement is shared across

      “We set up some great dashboards for all of our research results. We have the ability to easily execute NPS surveys within the organisation, can quickly share that information with everyone, and have the ability to measure more frequently. Live monitoring measurements have been set up across key parameters, and we have the ability to survey our customers in a straightforward and engaging manner.”

  • The Results

    • With a great brief and planning process, Comvita reported easy communication and collaboration between the two companies. The project was on budget and met the brief of tracking and recording customer information.

      “Our project wasn’t about ROI; we were concerned about time and cost savings. The project was delivered without any hitches. With the help of SalesFix, we now really have
      our fingers on the pulse of what is happening.

      “SalesFix are always very interested in our business. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping us improve our business processes and always go the extra mile in
      servicing their customers.” With the help of SalesFix, Comvita were able to identify strengths and weaknesses in their brand with both NPS scoring and consumer verbatim sentiment.“The Salesforce platform is in place now. We will need to evolve our research questionnaires as the feedback comes in to get better and improved depths of insights into our consumers.

      “We felt that SalesFix were helpful and very supportive. They certainly understood the problem we had, and understood how to map to Salesforce CRM to address our issue. Aside from their technical expertise, they really bought a large element of problem-solving and business process improvement to the overall project.”


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