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    Managed Services for Salesforce

    While it’s arguably the best known and most powerful CRM software in the world, like a lot of things, Salesforce is only effective when it’s properly maintained and updated.

    Business is constantly changing, and to keep up companies need to be faster and smarter. If implemented and managed correctly, Salesforce is a powerful platform that can help maximise business. However, managing Salesforce is more than just adding new users or resetting passwords.

    • We came to SalesFix with big plans and not a huge amount of time to micro-manage a program of work. SalesFix were able to provide industry expertise, outside-the-box thinking, and project management capabilities that were absolutely critical to our project’s success.

      Jonathan Hart
      Sensis Data Solutions
    • Every company that uses Salesforce has a defacto administrator. A good, full time Salesforce administrator can be expensive so, oftentimes, companies rely on IT personnel assigned to other duties as well. If this is you, you’ll know that this model is inefficient as you are generally solving problems that have already happened with no time to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. More importantly, you or your team may only have the skills or expertise to make a fraction of the changes your business needs as it continues to grow and evolve.

      This is where SalesFix can help. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we are experts at implementing and managing Salesforce within businesses. With our Salesforce Managed Services you can have peace of mind knowing that you have Salesforce support when you need it, but you aren’t paying for it when you don’t. In addition to saving your business money, this arrangement will give you time back to focus on normal business operations while still ensuring you are getting the most out of your Salesforce CRM.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are Salesforce managed services?

      Managed services for Salesforce is a comprehensive set of activities aimed at preventing system issues before they impact users and Salesforce-supported operations.

      Put simply, managed services is a proactive way to externally administrate your Salesforce org from implementation to support and evolution. Rather than hiring an internal Salesforce administrator or figuring it out for yourself, you instead contract SalesFix on a retainer for a specific number of hours annually, broken down into buckets per quarter, and we oversee your org’s development, growth, and maintenance.

  • What are the benefits?

    • Cost Savings

      One of the primary benefits is the IT cost reduction to your business. For less than the cost of a full time Salesforce administrator, you get flexibility, scalability, and value. With managed services, your annual spend will be less and you avoid the additional costs and headaches that arise around retention and training.

    • Higher ROI

      Working with SalesFix as your managed services provider will improve your business operation by letting staff focus on their work, instead of dealing with IT problems. We’ll also be proactive and will anticipate problems and fix issues before they happen saving time and money.

    • Diverse talents and expertise

      There’s tremendous value in having a wide range of tools in your toolbox. With managed services, you never have to worry that you’re missing the right tool for the job. Instead of hiring a full time admin and a full time developer, for example, you’ll have access to talented people in every role and only need to tap them in for the hours you need their assistance. With managed services support, you get access to our full team of Salesforce experts including Success Managers, Certified System Administrators, Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Operations experts, and more.

    • Greater flexibility

      When you’re first rolling out your org, you’ll often need a lot of configuration and admin help. If you decide to build out a customer community portal or a mobile app for your sales team, you’ll likely need some dev hours. You may need a lot of custom development one month with more sandbox and release management the next. Having the flexibility of a team that adapts to your needs is a huge advantage. Plus, there’s also the benefit of having multiple perspectives on potential solutions, even before work begins. In Salesforce, there are often multiple approaches to generate an intended effect, and it’s valuable to get input from those experienced with similar projects to determine which approach will be the most timely, cause the least disruption to current work, and provide the broadest foundation for expansion in the future.

    • Who are managed services for?

      While you might think that managed services are only for big enterprises with large budgets, let us reassure you this is absolutely not the case. At SalesFix, we offer flexible plans that will fit within the requirements and budget of businesses large and small. In fact, small to medium enterprises are our primary market for managed services, reducing overhead and enabling business growth with effective systems. In other words, we cater to businesses like yours!

      What is covered under a managed service agreement?

      Everything from custom development, administrative tasks, bug fixes, end-user training, release management, data migration, and more. While the functions handled within your own managed services agreement may vary from others, typically your agreement will include:

      • Reactive support – your agreement provides the resources to handle current, specific tasks as they occur. We handle day-to-day user issues and system configurations on demand under a Service Level Agreement.
      • Proactive – ensure that you’re always taking advantage of the most effective tools, processes, and practices available to bring continual improvement to the efficiency, user experience, and performance of the applications, systems, or environment. We perform system performance checks and constant monitoring while also maintaining your Salesforce CRM stability and health by monitoring your solution’s state and taking preventive measures against any occurring issue.
      • Maintenance – you’ll often find tasks related to keeping the database clean and optimised, ensuring high user adoption, spotting poor usage of reports, and other proactive means of keeping Salesforce supporting business growth. We perform user administration, data administration, and more to spare you from the daily routine administration entails.
      • Roadmap for the future – we can provide informed, planned progress with your Salesforce instance to build strategically within a roadmap. Making these proactive improvements to your Salesforce solution provides you with a view to your future business transformations before it starts lagging behind your business needs.

      Is a managed service agreement my only support option?

      No! While it’s absolutely the best option, we understand there may be a number of reasons why you are not ready to commit. Because of this, we also offer non contractual prepaid support services backed by help desk support for your staff, to cover any smaller pieces of work or adhoc support as required and on call.

    • Let us save you time and money with effective, proactive and up to date processes.

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