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    Winter ’21 Release Notes

    Salesforce’s Winter ‘21 Release is due to be rolled out later this month with a stack of upgrades and new innovations. Here’s what to expect.

    • As Jon Snow once said, ‘Winter is Coming’; obviously referring to the Salesforce Winter ‘21 release! The new release is due to arrive in production instances on 17 October 2020, with any sandboxes not already running the release to follow shortly after. With this release comes a lot of new and exciting features we’ve been looking forward to. So let’s take a look at some!

      New Email-to-Case Threading Behaviour
      For customers utilising email-to-case, the existing case reference id feature will be replaced with emails now matching on email header information. The case reference id will be phased out over the coming few months. This incoming fix will also prevent any email-to-case loops you may have encountered in the past with auto-response confirmations and out of offices.

      Dynamic Forms
      The new Dynamic Forms feature is generally available with Winter ‘21, meaning you can now add individual fields to your lightning pages, and can also make them conditional. Trade in your cluttered page layouts for new dynamic sections, allowing you to choose when certain fields are displayed, based on information in other fields. This has definitely been a long time coming, and we’re excited it’s finally here!

      Auto-add Fields to Custom Report Types (beta)
      That’s right! Salesforce is running a beta option when creating a new custom field where a user can select if they want it added to existing custom report types. No more going to create a new report and finding your field missing, then needing to manually find and add it before starting your report all over again. We’re hoping to see this feature become generally available in the next few releases.

      Lightning Content Builder
      This change comes to not only Salesforce but Pardot users as well. The new Lightning Content Builder will allow you to create and stylise your emails faster and easier than before. For Pardot users, this feature unlocks all new potential for your email templates and sends. For Salesforce users, it enhances even further the ability to create better looking email templates (now to have them available to use in process automation!).

      Scheduling List Emails
      Those using list emails will now be able to schedule them for sending. No more setting alerts or reminders to send them at the right time, schedule them in advance and let Salesforce do the rest.

      The Winter ‘21 release is available for you to review now, in all sandboxes with the last refresh date before 11 September 2020. If you want to know more about any of the features listed above, or would like to find out more about the release, contact us today.