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    What Should You Look for in a Salesforce Consulting Partner

    An expert will know what actions will bring you the most success, and they can streamline your workflow for you.

    • Using CRM can strengthen your relationship with both new and existing customers. The best course of action, however, isn’t always straightforward. Finding a trusted Salesforce consulting partner can help you navigate the CRM to reach your project’s goals.

      That being said, not every Salesforce consulting partner would be a good fit for your organisation. Partners work with different industries and range in levels of expertise. Do some research to find the partner that is the best fit for your particular needs.

      Familiar With Your Industry

      Use a consulting partner that is familiar in your organisation’s industry. Their expertise gained from working with similar companies will be beneficial to your particular project. The better they understand your operations, the more value they will be able to offer.

      An expert will know what actions will bring you the most success, and they can streamline your workflow for you. Don’t look for someone who will just “do what you say.” Instead, find a partner who is willing to work alongside you to benefit your company.

      Best for Your Budget

      While it is important for you to stay within your budget, allow it to be flexible enough that you can find the best service for your brand. A few extra dollars may streamline your workflow so that you can use your time to be more productive at work. This production could lead to a greater sales volume.

      Think ahead to determine your ROI. It may be worth investing a little extra into a partner who is better suited for your particular project over another. As you have already invested in Salesforce, find someone who can help you utilize it to its full potential for your brand.

      Find out what features you won’t receive on a limited budget. Can you (or others in your workforce) make up for the lack of support in those areas?

      Be upfront with your potential partners about your budget range and work with them to find a balance that works for both parties.

      Trusted within the Industry

      Work with a company who has built up trust within your industry. Read reviews or use your network to find recommendations. Talk to people from similarly-sized organisations who have used Salesforce consulting partners for similar needs. What was their experience? In which ways was the partner most beneficial to their project?

      Check out their partnership level with Salesforce. While the level shouldn’t be your only gauge to see if a particular partner is the best fit, their partnership level will be an indicator of their expertise. If a partner has a higher level, it generally means that they have higher CSAT scores and more certifications. Find out more about a partner’s particular skills to have a broader understanding of how they operate.

      Find a partner who has built trust with their clients. If possible, meet the people who will be working specifically on your project.

      Working alongside a trustworthy partner, like SalesFix, can help your company streamline your processes without worrying that your projects will be compromised. Contact SalesFix today to see how they can add value to your endeavours.

      A Partner Who Understands Your Project Goals

      Find a Salesforce consulting partner who clearly understands your project goals and has a concise plan on how to help you meet milestones. When they fully understand what you need, they can implement processes that will bring new levels of efficiency to your organisation.

      That being said, don’t become overly attached to your precise plan. As stated above, an expert partner will have dealt with similar projects in the past and they may suggest some changes to your operation which may benefit you. Listen to what they have to say and talk with your business partners to find the best course of action for your organisation.