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    2. The 4 Ways Field Service Lightning Will Improve Your Business

    The 4 Ways Field Service Lightning Will Improve Your Business

    Field service teams have been on the go long before “being mobile” was important. They are the front line of your business. Field service done correctly is an asset to a company. Now, Field Service Lightning provides the tools for these teams to collaborate efficiently, leading to a better customer service experience. As a business owner, you know that a better customer service experience leads to a smoother running business for you.

    • Field Service Lightning will improve your business in 4 ways:

      1. Increase efficiency
      Field Service Lightning can enable your technicians to be more productive and impactful. Time is money. Make the most of their time in the field with schedule optimisation. This platform integrates work orders with accounts, assets, contacts, cases, and other items you have entered as data in Salesforce. Employees can be more flexible and productive with being able to work while mobile. Completing tasks such as modifying work orders. Job schedules are assigned accurately, based on skill, time, location and other relevant factors; leading to optimised service capabilities. Guaranteeing the correct parts will always be with the worker when required. Onsite payment allows for no back-office billing to keep up with or manage. This better efficiency leads to reduced costs and improved profitability.

      2. Streamline Communication
      With a field service business, communication is critical. Many moving parts need to be addressed and handled correctly to fulfil the customer’s expectations. All employees are not under the same roof at the same time. Field Service Lightning offers live agent chats and real-time collaboration. This provides a seamless connection from a customer to a support person and also employee to other employees. Mobile support is imperative to stay competitive in today’s market. Support needs to be available through multiple media channels, whichever channel the customer prefers. Each customer has individual preferences. Allowing access to support agents through more than one venue will assist in better communication with the customer. On the internal business side, better communication makes for easier field service management. Real-time data on a single platform with multi-users is essential, effective communication. Time becomes easier to manage when data is tracked.

      3. Improved Inventory Management
      Data drives every business. With a field service business, inventory can often be in multiple locations, warehouses and service vehicles. Real-time inventory numbers are crucial when it comes to managing business assets. The Field Service Lightning platform will allow for product and component tracking in real-time. This data is available to all users, wherever they may be. Making for fewer delays due to inquiries about parts needed for a job, or service personnel not being informed of where the closest product is that they need.

      4. Enhanced Customer Experience
      The 4th way Field Service Lightning will improve your business is a bit of a combination of the previous 3 reasons. Customer satisfaction weighs on so many factors. Enterprises are moving towards a “customer first” philosophy, making customer loyalty imperative. Field Service Lightning can increase customer loyalty by reducing mistakes and providing personalised service. Therefore, leading to a boost in customer satisfaction, which is a top goal of every company. As technology increases, the customer threshold and patience for waiting and navigating multi-step processes decreases. To keep customers satisfied, a business must decrease friction for the customer. This can be accomplished by providing ease of use, service through mobile devices, shorter waiting times, real-time interaction and customisation of services. Customer service is the priority. Field Service Lightning can assist your team in making customer service a priority.

      The Field Service Lightning platform is designed to provide solutions for your business. Using data, analytics and reporting, the platform provides an extremely valuable tool in this industry. Field service teams must make an impeccable impression on the customer. With technology increasing, the service team is often the only person the customer verbally interacts with. That communication needs to be flawless and pleasant. Making field service a priority creates a competitive advantage for any business. The increased efficiency and communication supports the entire organisation, managers and employees, leading to customer satisfaction.

      Contact SalesFix and speak to one of our consultants for further information on Field Service Lightning.

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