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    2. Why we love Trailhead!

    Why we love Trailhead!

    Trailheads are a great learning tool for anything Salesforce related (and they are totally free) where you can learn lots and lots of stuff for your role or your business.

    • Whether you are a business or individual who is considering Salesforce for yourself or your business, a Salesforce champion preparing to up-skill, or a Salesforce user who wants to learn how to do something more, there is something for everyone.

      In fact, we recommend you get your whole team involved. It’s an awesome way for all levels of staff to have a better understanding of Salesforce. For a bit of fun, you can also gamify it across your business, like we did. (We include Trailhead badges on our weekly dashboard, and our competitiveness can be pretty crazy some weeks).

    • So here are some great reasons why you should be on Trailhead now and blazing your learning path.

      1. Everyone can learn Salesforce. Trailhead is all about learning – something new, something career changing, something important for your job, something different
      2. Motivation to get that Salesforce Certification you’ve had your eye on. There are whole Trailmixes around prepping for your certification, and you will find them an invaluable study tool
      3. New career opportunities. Salesforce skills are a rare commodity; if you have the skills then there are businesses looking for you right now. Salesforce Trailhead badges will make your CV (almost) obsolete. Just send prospective employers a URL full of your skills and accomplishments.
      4. Gamification – everyone loves a bit of competition, don’t they? Well, we do! Add Trailhead Badges to your weekly dashboard and watch your team’s learning go through the roof.
      5. Bitesize, interesting and actionable to drive motivation, gain confidence in your skills and have a clear objective to build on the knowledge you are gaining
      6. Challenge yourself. Salesforce is full of features you may not have come across before. Ever heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”? Well, here you will find trails, modules and Trailmixes on almost anything that is possible in Salesforce. And if it’s not there yet, then it soon will be as new trails are being added constantly.
      7. Reward & Recognition – Aim for high scores and collect your badges. Each challenge enables you to collect points and with every completed module, you get a shiny Trailhead Badge. Then move up the levels to really drive your inner competitiveness
      8. Train your users prior to the launch of your new Salesforce Solution. It will raise user engagement and assist enormously in your roll-out plan. Your users must know how to use Salesforce to achieve real ROI for the business; what better way than from Salesforce’s own experts.
    • So, jump into Trailhead, create your account and start trailblazing your way to Salesforce success.

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