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    2. Salesforce – Nightmare or Daydream?

    Salesforce – Nightmare or Daydream?

    • Many managers are aware that they want to use Salesforce CRM in more ways; but just don’t know how. After all, there’s always great innovation going on within salesforce.com. We can feel an overwhelming frustration at being unable to maximise its use, to make our everyday business activities more systematic and streamlined.

      Jamie Hayes of Healthy Inspirations, had this to say, “I tried getting Salesforce CRM to help me manage Google Adwords, and it fell in the “way too hard” basket. I had no idea who to contact to see if it was possible to make this work for me.”

      Jamie told salesforce.com staff: “Until Jason came along, I had always believed and accepted that being a Brisbane-based salesforce.com customer was going to compromise any support from salesforce.com or user group that we may need – and retard our skills.“ Of course, he now knows that’s simply not true, as support by SalesFix is independent and is available right here in Brisbane.

      “Prior to Jason, we were looking at how we could replace Salesforce CRM, as we use it for very limited functions (especially not sales!). Jason’s presence has put that on the back-burner.”

      Face-to-Face Support

      What Jason Lawrence of SalesFix did was coach Jamie, a busy franchise manager, in a two hour “hands on” session, how to configure Salesforce CRM for his needs – marketing and helping franchisees. He also amended some of the fields and reports that helped Healthy Inspirations gain a better insight of their customer base.

      Now Jamie says, “rather than just quickly re-program Salesforce, he had me do at least half of it, which was very empowering”. Because of this, Jamie feels more likely to use this administration service again, instead of being made to feel dependant or worry about off-site fixes not being what he had hoped.

      Jason says that it often doesn’t take that long to get the internal fixes done, but what is crucial for him, is that his Salesforce client understands how the system can help their daily work processes – and ultimately how it can help their business flow better. SalesFix helped another customer adding another Salesforce success story to their many.

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