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    2. Australia is awake – it’s time to shine with Salesforce CRM!

    Australia is awake – it’s time to shine with Salesforce CRM!

    • As 2017 gets underway and the Australian business community slowly awaken from their summer slumber, its time to put the strategic cap on and start thinking about the tools you’ll need to make 2017 a fantastic year of growth, expansion & discovery for your business.

      Salesforce’s fiscal year runs February through to January, interestingly this means that the best time of year to get better deals and hit them up for more inclusions is now.  At Salesfix we can help you to ascertain what you need, what new features you’d benefit from and determine if you need extra licences or not.

      Every year Salesforce improve their CRM dramatically, it’s why we are so attracted to them and its why we work solely with their platform above all others. We enjoy the fact that three times a year there are major updates, we love the fact that new ISV partners come on board constantly. This means that we get to help you to reinvent what you do with your businesses as a result. It fits in with our passion for quality business-processes and works with our culture where we strive for continual improvement.

    • So now is the time to assess your Salesforce tools and ask yourself a few critical questions:

      1. Do you need to add more people to your Salesforce user base?
      2. Do you need on-site training to facilitate greater adoption?
      3. Do you hope to see greater functionality, and if so, do you need to make changes to your license agreement?
      4. What is working for your company the best and what is not?
      5. Are there any new features or apps you can add to your CRM to make your lives easier?
    • Our team of dedicated, certified Salesforce consultants and technical assistants are on standby waiting to help you to develop your systems so you achieve your business goals this year.

      At Salesfix we offer a variety of solutions, most of which are completely customised as we realise that cookie cutter programs are not as effective as tailor-made solutions. We have helped literally hundreds of clients over the years, who all value our service and input into helping their businesses to attain the growth goals they set.

      Make 2017 an absolute cracker with the help of us here at Salesfix

      Call Brisbane on (07) 3040 2705 or Melbourne on (03) 8595 2903 to talk to one of our customer service team.