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    2. Salesforce Adoption Problems and How to Solve Them

    Salesforce Adoption Problems and How to Solve Them

    We take a closer look at some Salesforce adoption problems and how to solve them.

    • There are several reasons why Salesforce implementation takes a bit of time and effort. Here we will take a closer look at some of these adoption problems and how to solve them because Salesforce is worth it.

      Deciding to use Salesforce for your business is a good start, but a long road lies ahead. It is true that ultimately, the implementation of the Salesforce CRM will significantly improve the quality of work in your organization; it is getting everyone on board with using the CRM that is the hurdle.

      Fear of the unknown

      When Salesforce is new, it brings with it that uncomfortable feeling of the unfamiliar. Sales reps who are used to one way of working are reluctant to try a new system. For one thing, they are comfortable with their traditional spreadsheets; next they believe that there will be too much work involved in learning a new system, and finally, there is always the fear that they won’t get it.

      A system implementation and training program can solve this problem. With everyone from the managers to the junior employees undergoing the training, no one feels left out. A Salesforce implementation partner like SalesFix can do both the implementation of Salesforce and training for the staff. An excellent training program will prove invaluable to being more successful with Salesforce.

      Only partial implementation

      Many companies start by implementing Salesforce in only one department. This is not a good idea because it breaks the flow of information from one department to another. When all departments are not on the same level of information processing the effectiveness of Salesforce is diluted, and the users start to lose interest in the CRM.

      The only way for the implementation of the Salesforce CRM to be successful is if all the departments are brought on board together or at least soon after each other. With information flow hitting no roadblocks from one department to the next, Salesforce becomes far more effective, and employees are more inclined to use it.

      Lack of ongoing support

      Salesforce can’t be implemented and then forgotten about. Besides the initial training, there should be refresher courses so that employees can be reminded of the lesser used functions that some might find useful. Also, it is important to offer employees ongoing support for every time they have difficulty using the Salesforce CRM.

      Getting stuck using a new system can be very frustrating, and if it happens often, users are more likely to find alternatives. SalesFix offers ongoing user support for Salesforce, and your employees can make use of this resource to sort out any difficulties they encounter when they are using the CRM.

      Upgrades not installed

      Both the Salesforce CRM software and your business are constantly evolving. One can meet the needs of the other but only if the system is upgraded as required. It is important for decision-makers to analyze the situation every quarter or so and check if the current version of the Salesforce CRM is meeting business needs. If not, then an upgrade can be initiated.

      SalesFix offers consultation on using Salesforce for business and can evaluate for you if an upgrade would benefit your business goals. New upgrades that make the CRM easier to work with get the employees more comfortable with using it and makes the running of the business a lot more efficient.

      Working with SalesFix

      SalesFix is a Salesforce implementation partner and a Salesforce Gold consulting partner. To find out how we can help you in the implementation g Salesforce and the training of your staff you can contact us via our website.

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