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    Salesforce Consulting Services

    Our Salesforce Consulting Services can take your business to a whole new level. Successful CRM involves many different areas of your company, starting with sales and extending to other customer-facing areas like marketing, analytics, and customer service. Salesforce.com offers a technology solution for all those areas… and more. With SalesFix as your Salesforce Consulting partner, you can mind your customers and your budget at the same time.

    • At the outset, we agreed what the objectives were and what we were trying to achieve with the project. And SalesFix delivered on every one.

      Tony Kelly
      General Manager, SNORE
    • What Is Salesforce Consulting?

      Our Salesforce Consulting Services are available to aid your business throughout every step of the Salesforce CRM process from Quickstart implementation to ongoing CRM support and advice. Our expert staff are available to assist you whenever you need help. Whether you are beginning the process of implementing Salesforce CRM or have been using it for years, SalesFix is here to help. We are true partners with your organisation to ensure you get the most out of your Salesforce investment without all the headache of figuring it out on your own.

    • Our 7 Step Process

    • Listen

      Understand your business and what it needs

    • Plan

      Document the solution

    • Build & Iterate

      Configure, build and customise your system

    • System Testing

      Rigorous testing pre-deployment via proof of concept

    • Train and Rollout

      Train your Administrator and drive user adoption

    • Help and Support

      Helpful support during and after deployment

    • Ongoing Advice

      Ongoing advice and support plans are available

    • How Does Salesforce Consulting Work?

      SalesFix consultants always begin every project by workshopping with you and your leadership to best understand your specific needs and goals. Once we have a firm grasp on your company’s operations and current business processes, we can begin formulating a plan for success. Our experts will work with you to build and customise the system to your specifications. This is followed by rigorous system testing prior to rollout.

      Our Salesforce CRM experts also make sure that your team is ready to utilise the new tools through training sessions. Once your team is chugging along with the new system, we continue to provide support during and after deployment. Our ongoing support and advice are available whenever you require it.

    • Who Is Salesforce Consulting For?

      Our Salesforce Consulting Services can help businesses of all types and sizes. Salesforce CRM is an invaluable tool for sales, marketing, analytics and customer service departments. If your company employs any or all of these facets of business, then we are here to help. SalesFix is dedicated to growing your business while cutting costs and reducing burdens. Our experts will provide you with all the tools you need to find success.

      What Does a Salesforce Consultant do?

      Salesforce consultants are experts that help new companies implement the Salesforce program into their workflow. They meet with the client, learn about the company in its current state, then works with them to find the options that will work best for the organisation. Salesforce consultants often provide guidance and recommendations throughout a project that will benefit the organisation. 

      What is the Salesforce Success Cloud?

      Using the Salesforce Success Cloud will help you navigate the system to make it more efficient for your business. Every business is unique and will use Salesforce in a different way to get ahead of the competition to reach their customer base. The Salesforce Success Cloud walks you through the new technology so that you can find innovative ways to use the program to elevate your business. 

      What is a Salesforce Customer Success Platform?

      Salesforce replaces several antiquated programs that can slow down computer systems or complicate a workflow. It is designed to help clients’ streamline processes so that they can focus their time focusing on their customers and building other aspects of their business. They offer clear information that helps your sales team work with each customer to offer them the best experience possible. 

  • Outcomes for you

    • Improve visibility & processes

      Strengthen data integrity and improve effectiveness aligned with business processes.

    • Standardise repetitive tasks

      Improve service quality and be more adaptable to changing business needs

    • Reform customer experience/relationship

      Identify & track new opportunities, position yourself as a leader, allow yourself the competitive advantage

    • More commercial / increased productivity

      Not head count, customised to suit your needs, pay as you go development.

    • Salesforce Consulting Partner SINCE 2012

      As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, SalesFix transforms businesses and connects customers, partners, and employees with streamlined systems.

  • 3 key areas of service

    • Consultation

      We speak your language with organisational knowledge and a service approach, delivering optimal performance and genuine support outcomes.

    • Implementation

      A 7 step process that translates strategy into action and ensures you fully understand how our service has been designed, produced and delivered.

    • Integration

      We integrate your CRM system properly and streamline your operations. Our team of developers are Salesforce certified and highly experienced.

    • How Does SalesFix Help?

      SalesFix partners with you in order to create customised solutions to your specific problems. Our expert staff will ensure you are ready every step of the way.

      As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we provide unparalleled service that will exceed your expectations and help bring you the best return on investment possible. Our services will get and keep your business streamlined and efficient, so your team can remain productive with as little downtime as possible.

    • Get more effective and profitable sales processes.

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