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    2. SalesFix is taking User Engagement Seriously

    SalesFix is taking User Engagement Seriously

    • A CRM system and a detailed engagement journey can change how an organisation connects with its mission.

      “The most successful CRM systems are at companies where the system is the culture. Do what’s necessary to help your people adapt. Give them training and support. But in return, require them to use the system. Because if it’s not in the system… it doesn’t exist.”

      Having a terrific training plan is a huge step towards getting Salesforce CRM off to a great start. After all, user adoption is the single most important ingredient in success. With more than a million users raving about Salesforce CRM, customers confirm the importance of training when it comes to adoption.

      If you want to maximise your Salesforce investment, there’s no better way than giving your people the skills to use Salesforce to its fullest extent. Customers who invest in training consistently report >80% higher ROI on their Salesforce investment.

      In both the commercial and non-profit markets, the best technology won’t make a difference if it isn’t put to use properly.

      The damage of failure to engage

      Good businesses know that to manage five or fifty people, they need to track what they’re doing. They need reports on their pipeline, open quotes, new opportunities, recent activities and lost sales. All the other bells and whistles are nice but without these reports, their CRM system would be worthless. The problem is not just one for the sales department though. If your people don’t use the system, the entire company is deprived of crucial information. Spreadsheets and a good memory just don’t cut it anymore.

      You should be managing your people based on this data. They should be trained to do nothing else but make sure they’re doing the data entry necessary so that you’re getting the reports you need.

      SalesFix has been listening

      We have been working hard over the past few months to design a full day Salesforce End User course. End User training has become such a crucial element of a successful Salesforce implementation and business platform.

      We offer essential topics in a full day’s workshop, a perfect opportunity for your team to come together and collaborate on your org’s best practice, whilst learning together.

      Session 1: The Fundamentals of Salesforce for the End User

      Session 2: Reports and Dashboards for the End User