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    2. Proud part of the Salesforce Economy

    Proud part of the Salesforce Economy

    When you are committed to customer success, you have to have a core focus on solving the customer’s problems.

    • We live and breathe Salesforce and its AppExchange for our own business

      It’s all about the end-game, but in order to achieve the right result, we need to be aware of the desired outcome, what the customer’s overall aim is and what data is required by whom and where.

      Then we have to find the best tools to help deliver the outcome. It’s easy to do this with Salesforce as our chosen delivery vehicle.

      SalesFix is a proud SMB; we live and breathe Salesforce and its AppExchange for our own business, with a steely focus on helping our SMB & Mid Market customers experience success from Salesforce and the AppExchange.  It’s why we are growing so quickly, it’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning and it’s what we are passionate about. We are proud of what we do and proud to be part of the ever-evolving Salesforce economy.

    • With Salesforce in our toolbox and Lightning in our back pocket, our business is on track to double in size by 2020 with a 50% growth Year on Year.

      We love that the Apps on the AppExchange are always in a state of improvement and because of that, we know that our customers can experience a similar growth rate by being kept up to date with trends and business revolutions.

      Having access to such a plethora of apps helps us and our customers to ensure that as business changes and things like ‘The Internet of Things’ becomes a major part of business, that the systems support and deal with any and all changes as they happen.

      A perfect customer example would be a project we completed earlier this year for Provider Assist – Australia’s Premier Aged Care experts. They provide assistance to over 50% of the Aged Care facilities across Australia, so as you can imagine, they handle a lot of data. Their service is provided throughout Australia including out to remote outreach areas and so it was critical that their system was cloud based.

      From the AppExchange, one of the tools used on the extensive customised solution was Geopointe (a visual mapping solution). Provider Assist is now able to better support their remote clients and team members and optimise time on the road.

      It’s this kind of project that really makes us excited about working with Salesforce and the AppExchange so we can build systems that improve our clients business function in a way they never have before.

      Having such an incredible resource like the AppExchange gives us a library of innovative solutions that we can choose from, to solve our client’s problems. These solutions help us to grow and elevate our brand as Australia’s Salesforce partner of choice.

      We are a proud Salesforce Gold Partner in Australia with a goal to become a Platinum Partner by 2020. With a CSAT score (9.49) we know our customers rate us highly and as agents of growth, it’s something we are always striving to improve. The business growth of our customers is paramount to this success.

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