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    2. Meeting Assistant: Close Sales Deals Faster and Make Your Meetings Count

    Meeting Assistant: Close Sales Deals Faster and Make Your Meetings Count

    Would you like to close sales deals faster and make all those meetings actually count?
    Now you can with the help of our new Meeting Assistant partnership.

    • We’re pleased to announce Meeting Assistant as our new partner within the SalesFix family.

      What is Meeting Assistant

      Meeting Assistant is a Salesforce-based meeting productivity app designed to specifically help salespeople be more productive and close deals faster.

      With Meeting Assistant, your sales team can:

      • Prepare responsive agenda
      • Take notes and save meeting minutes in Salesforce
      • Get rid of the paperwork
      • Avoid all that CRM data entry
      • Increase selling time

      For some businesses, meetings are critical; they are time-consuming and require a follow-up. Wouldn’t it be better if you had a way to manage the meeting, the agenda and the tasks that are assigned, helping you to actually achieve the goals – all from within your CRM?

      This is exactly what Meeting Assistant does and at SalesFix we can help to integrate this into your Salesforce CRM suite.

      Some of the key features you can enjoy:

      • Pre-plan and create meeting agenda templates
      • Capture meeting minutes
      • Set tasks and follow-up assignments to key stakeholders
      • Distribute and share meeting minutes
      • Sync it all directly within Salesforce

      Why the New Partnership?

      By partnering with our Salesforce ISV Partners we get to offer you more. At SalesFix we believe in partnering with companies that help us to be true to our core mission, to lead with passion and improve business processes and to continually invest in our understanding of Salesforce and all of the possibilities it offers.

      In doing this we are able to offer a constant improvement to our clients through customer relationships, data insights, and tailored products, as well as a wealth of other technology solutions.

      We strive to develop great synergies with companies who have mutual desires, interests and uphold similar business promises to us. At SalesFix we have mastered Salesforce’s functionality and as a result, we understand how to make the most of this incredible platform to maximise the impact it has on your business. We are always looking for ways to improve functions for our clients, which is why we partner with this likes of Meeting Assistant.

      We have recognised how the Meeting Assistant application accelerates productivity in business operations. No matter what your challenges are, no matter when you need it, we can help you leverage Salesforce and the usability of Meeting Assistant.

      A Customer Story

      Provider Assist had a requirement for a Meeting Management Solution, this had been identified as part of a Salesforce Implementation and business process transformation. They had identified the setting up new meetings, complete with writing up agendas, allocating resources, inviting attendees and updating agenda was a timely exercise.

      Not to mention then following through post-meeting to capture important meeting notes, distributing them to all relevant parties, assigning follow up activities (so they weren’t being forgotten) and then ensuring everything was being saved logically for future reference – was all a very time-consuming. We all know that means it won’t get done properly, if at all, so they needed a solution.

      And so the partnership with Meeting Assistant was born. With the ever-present support from the Meeting Assistant team (working with Finland timezone was a bit of fun), our Lead Consultant on the Provider Assist implementation project was so taken with the application; the features and usability within Salesforce, that she knew the SalesFix team would love it as well. So we have adopted it into our own business and have quickly become raving fans as well.

      We Go the Extra Mile

      SalesFix is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your business success. Concept clarification, custom development, business consulting, wherever it may go beyond Meeting Assistant, SalesFix is the right specialist for your organisation.

      Want to organise a meeting or catch up for a coffee and conversation in Melbourne or Brisbane? Use our contact form to leave your contact details and we will contact you to discuss your business needs further.