• On any one Salesforce day, I frequently find myself needing to return from a Salesforce record to its respective list view.

      List views are useful for all sorts of things and I generally have one on every object called ‘Admin’ on which I change the filters to segment data and do some inline mass edits.

      Navigating to a list view though can be a bit laborious. If you don’t have the tab you need on the page you either have to find an application that does, or enter the confounding ‘+’ menu.

      Listme Chrome Extention

      I got frustrated enough with this, that I have designed an app to do it – Listme. I say app, it’s a Chrome Extension. I like to call it an app as it sounds more impressive. At the press of a button, Listme will take you from any Salesforce record to its corresponding list view.

      It works on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, custom objects, setup items – basically, anything with a list. It will even work on Salesforce objects which do not have a tab assigned.

      Listme is based on a bit of a Salesforce URL hack (a nice friendly one). Here’s how it works –

      1. Take the URL for any given Salesforce record – https://eu2.salesforce.com/003b00000092W4G
      2. The 15 digits following the forward slash represents the Salesforce unique ID
      3. Remove the last 12 digits of the Id, leaving only the first three. So 003b00000092W4G becomes 003
      4. The new URL https://eu2.salesforce.com/003, will take you to the records corresponding list view

      You can download Listme for free on the Chrome Extension Store here.

      Besides Listme, there are a raft of great Chrome Extensions out there to help make your daily Salesforce life easier. Two of my favourites are:

      Salesforce Navigator

      This little extension allows you to bring up a helpful little search box with a (customisable) keyboard shortcut. Type where you want to go and you will be presented with a cascading list of matching Salesforce links. Type ‘list contacts’ and you can navigate to, you guessed it, a list of contacts. Type ‘pages’ and boom, a list of visualforce pages. It even works with custom objects. I have saved hours of clicking with this one.

      Download Salesforce Navigator.

      Salesforce API Field Names

      At least once a day I am on a Salesforce record and need the field API names – which means navigating to a list of fields and finding the one I need. This can end in some aimless wandering when there is more than one field with the same label (it shouldn’t happen, but does). This little extension will expose the API names directly on the page layout, at the click of a button. Useful!

      Download Salesforce API Field Names.

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