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    How Salesforce is Evolving the Mobile Workforce

    With phones and other mobile devices becoming so prevalent in modern society, using a workforce management tool can help you collect and organise information, keep your team up to date, and reduce the need for extra paperwork no matter your location.

    • As businesses continually become more mobile, it is important to find systems that will help employees work together as a team, keep track of valuable customer data, and manage paperwork even away from the office.

      Salesforce has implemented tools that can increase the productivity of the mobile workforce. 

      What is Mobile Workforce Management?

      Mobile Workforce Management is the term used for a software category that manages business matters or systems away from the physical office. This software help companies track the number of fields to help improve productivity even when you are on the go. 

      With phones and other mobile devices becoming so prevalent in modern society, using a workforce management tool can help you collect and organise information, keep your team up to date, and reduce the need for extra paperwork no matter your location. 

      Key Difficulties of Running a Mobile Workforce

      There are a few challenges that you will face while running a mobile workforce. From their productivity to their morale, there are several things you need to keep on track:

      Productivity and Management

      Contrary to what you may think, mobile workers, tend to get more done than those who are stuck in an office all day. They also take less leave as they can often fit their work around doctors appointment or other personal needs. 

      The difficulty with productivity and mobile workers is keeping track of what is being done, what they need to finish tasks, and what will need to be completed next. Mobile workforce management can tackle that need, streamline processes, and improve productivity. 

      With a good system in place, your mobile team will be able to collaborate well with you and with each other on projects while building teamwork.

      Team Relational Challenges

      Especially if you have office workers and mobile staff, you can sometimes develop cliques or a negative attitude between the group. Mobile workforce management can relieve some of that as all your employees will be working together as a team. Operating as a single unit will increase production and morale overall. 

      Being able to stay connected while mobile also allows some of your employees to give you positive feedback that you wouldn’t receive otherwise.

      Why is a CRM Designed for Mobility so Important? 

      A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) designed for mobility is crucial to any business that has mobile employees. A good CRM will allow a mobile employee to input information about a customer as they work with them in person and have it sync with the office immediately. 

      The ability to be mobile while you work allows you to access clients who wouldn’t otherwise do business with you. You can go to their office, their home, or their job site to ensure they have a good experience. This feature about your company may also set you above your competitors as clients will find you more convenient for conducting business.    

      If the customer were to call the office an hour later, they would have a seamless experience as the office worker will have full access to the data the mobile employee input into the CRM. This creates a good experience for both the employee and the client. 

      A mobile CRM also allows companies to work remotely, such as construction zones or manufacturing firms. You can correct orders, update data, and automate tasks to maximize your efficiency.

      How Salesforce is Evolving the Mobile Workforce

      In the span of 8 years (2009-2017) internet traffic from mobile devices grew from 0.7-52.99%. This percentage continues to rise as more people are beginning to work remotely from the office. 

      Salesforce understands that a good CRM system will grow with the needs of a business, and that includes mobile workers. They have included many features that make working remotely easier, including the ability to click-to-call to join meetings, open and share files, plan ahead with the integrated calendar, and access up-to-date synced data at all times. 

      A mobile CRM puts power into the hands of mobile salespeople, allowing them to finalise a transaction with a client with minimal interaction with the head office. 

      How Salesforce can Improve Jobsite Efficiency

      The mobile features of Salesforce can improve job site efficiency because people will be able to access important customer data from their mobile phones or tablets. They won’t waste time returning to the office to input data or check their calendar. 

      Salesforce CRM will allow workers to manage tasks on the go, either completing more overall or spending a few extra minutes with each client to build the company’s relationship with them.

      How SalesFix can Help

      SalesFix is an Australian consulting partner who specialises in helping businesses set up a Salesforce workflow that will optimise their productivity and improve customer relations. Our team are friendly, highly-skilled and would be happy to work with you. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.