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    2. How Salesforce CRM Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Sales Team

    How Salesforce CRM Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Sales Team

    The realm of sales is an ever-evolving one. What worked yesterday may not work today.

    • The realm of sales is an ever-evolving one. What worked yesterday may not work today.

      The penetration of innovative technologies and increasing focus on customer relationships are reshaping the sales efforts of organisations. These factors have led both B2B and B2C organisations to fold in Salesforce for business to achieve greater success.

      When we talk about Salesforce CRM, we are talking about a software that’s establishing a strong foothold in the sales domain. An increasing number of sales-focused organisations are now implementing Salesforce CRM to achieve their bottom line. Let’s take a look at a few numbers:

      • Global spending on customer experience and relationship management (CRM) software grew 6% to reach $48.2 billion in 2018.
      • Salesforce dominated the global CRM market with a 5% market share in 2018, over double its nearest rival, SAP, which has an 8.3% share.
      • Australian companies spent a record $2.3 billion on customer relationship management (CRM) technologies in 2018, a figure that’s up by nearly 20% from 2017 (source).

      There are a wide number of reasons why every organisation should implement Salesforce CRM. It offers safe storage space, allows the planning and management of various tasks, fastens the preparation of activity reports, makes criteria-based segment selection and maintains transparent communication between teams.

      The most noteworthy of all benefits is the ability of Salesforce CRM to improve the efficiency of your sales team. The following are a few ways in which it does so:

      Following up with leads in a systematic manner

      The lead generation process initiates the sales cycle, and Salesforce CRM can prove to be a great aid. But it’s not just about getting any leads. You need to focus on getting the right leads and focus on pushing them down the conversion funnel. Besides targeting them with a relevant message, you will also have to follow up with them to forge a relationship. Once you do a Salesforce setup, you can send more personalised, timely follow-up messages quickly owing to the availability of customer profiles all in one place. So, Salesforce CRM streamlines the lead generation process and allows sales teams to reach out to their leads with more initiative and consistency.

      Anticipate customer needs

      In an era where the customer is considered the king, no organisation can afford to offer something that’s entirely out of line from what customers need. This is where they need to leverage Salesforce for business to identify the needs of the customers better. Given the wealth of data that Salesforce CRM stores and provides, sales teams can analyse them to identify customers’ buying patterns. They can understand the specific requirements of customers and also cross-sell other products by highlighting enhancements and alternatives. Salesforce CRM provides enough transparency into customer purchase histories, active marketing campaigns, or open cases so that you can offer more satisfying purchases and service experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

      Reduce administrative work

      More often than not, it’s the manual mundane data entry, reporting and other process-heavy tasks that reduce the productivity and motivation of sales teams. However, Salesforce for business can boost the productivity and efficiency of your sales team by eliminating these tedious, time-consuming tasks. Manual sales-related operations like searching for contact information of customers or entering data can be automated or completely done away with by using Salesforce CRM. Automation across sales, marketing and customer service will free up a lot of time of your employees so they can focus more on talking to prospective customers and nurturing meaningful relationships with existing ones.

      Providing all-time access to a database

      Salesforce CRM can improve the efficiency of your sales team by allowing them to access essential databases and information from anywhere they want. This is the time for real-time information. The sales process is not out of this trend. Salesforce for business comes with a variety of features like calendar integration, email templates and VoIP capabilities, all of which allow on-the-go sales professionals to manage various sales-related tasks from any handheld device they want. So, they don’t have to carry bulky laptops or spend hours before the desktop sending follow-up emails or preparing reports. Everything can be done in a jiffy, even if your sales team decides to work remotely.

      The above are some of the ways in which Salesforce CRM can help organisations build more efficient teams. If you wish to achieve this goal, choose Salesfix as your Salesforce implementation partners.