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    2. 1% Pledge – The house that SalesFix built in Cambodia

    1% Pledge – The house that SalesFix built in Cambodia

    • A philanthropic exotic adventure with so much reward

      October 2017 saw a team of business process implementation specialist’s heading to Cambodia to build a house for a family of four they’d never even met. Usually more comfortable behind a computer screen, these intrepid adventurers shed the business attire for a week of hot sun and work boots, and gained new skills on a very raw building site, such as measure twice and cut once, what felt like thousands of nails (and a few thumbs) needing to be hammered, chiseling and framework, drawing water from the well and managing rudimentary amenities.

      Its something that makes SalesFix so different from other corporate companies, they have a great culture and genuinely want to give back. The deal is, if the business meets its growth targets each year, they get rewarded – big time.

      So after smashing their targets, a team discussion considered various options including America, a skiing trip, cruise and finally the ultimate suggestion – something philanthropic somewhere exotic. Unanimously the philanthropic option was chosen, it generated the most excitement, it felt right as a blend of team development and individual growth and it fits perfectly with their new 1% Pledge commitment.

      Now back on Aussie soil, after an incredible life-changing experience, we look at what they have achieved. Not only have the family of four been gifted a new home from SalesFix, but it’s also changed the lives of the SalesFix team, both as a business and individuals. See our video below.