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    Opsview is a global IT Systems Management software business. Their systems allow their clients to monitor their IT networks at a glance, from 2 to over 20,000 devices. Opsview’s enterprise customers include globally-recognised blue chip companies and organisations including Cisco and UPS. Opsview is headquartered in the UK with a US office in Boston providing sales and technical support to its large North American customer base.

    • We’ve found SalesFix always goes the extra mile to offer best practice solutions and advice. I think that’s why Jason Lawrence has been awarded by Salesforce as a Most Valued Professional (MVP), because of all the excellent work he does for the Salesforce community!

      Neil Ferguson
    • Opsview originally used JIRA as the issue ticketing application to support their customers. Over time it became clear this system didn’t have the capability that Opsview required. “The main problem was that it didn’t understand our customers and what they had originally purchased. It was designed for internal IT ticketing without any fine grain control over who could see what internally.

      “Opsview is a subscription-based product that entitles our customers to use the product and gain access to varying levels of customer support. We therefore needed to be able to manage these different levels in an effective way.”

  • The Approach

    • “The evaluation process was run internally by Opsview. They documented their business requirements, ideal solutions, and capabilities. When evaluating the service tools on the market, a stringent scoring system revealed Service Cloud® as the clear winner. “Once we were convinced this was the best choice, we
      engaged SalesFix to assist with the implementation phase. We were already using SalesCloud® so the fact that Service Cloud won was an added bonus for us.”

      From implementing Service Cloud into the sandbox and SalesFix’ s proof of concept for testing, extensive quality control measurements were rolled out to really test Opsview’s detailed requirements.

  • Key Benefits

    • Flexible

      Opsview wanted to track customer service, from support tickets issued to
      customer visibility, service-level agreements and reporting. With a flexible platform like Service Cloud®, Opsview found they could really understand their customers

    • Seamless

      SalesFix’s extensive quality control really tested Opsview’s detailed requirements, a rigorous process that resulted in a seamless launch. “From day one, the Service Cloud®
      implementation worked perfectly.
      We could see our customers logging in and tickets coming in. The whole switch was seamless to our customers.

    • Powerful

      Fantastic reporting creates great customer visibility. Receiving information directly from the customer base, Opsview is now able to rapidly act on product improvement, leading to more sales renewals, a reduction in logged cases, and overall better customer experience and satisfaction.

  • The Challenge

    • Opsview’s existing system could not provide an overview for staff to track the entire customer service history, so it was difficult to prove that their essential business needs, such as the number of support tickets issued, customer visibility, service-level agreements (SLAs), and reporting, were being met.

      “To improve our customer service and minimise our risk, we needed a system that could guarantee to our customers that we were meeting our SLAs. Additionally, we needed a system that would improve our own internal reporting requirements and provide us with full visibility of customer history.”

      Access controls were also a big issue in JIRA, as well as the need for reporting. “The controls wouldn’t allow staff members to view logged tickets from another staff member for the same organization, sometimes causing duplicate issues to be raised. This could lead to confusion and more effort for both the customer and Opsview’s support staff.

    • The Implementation

      Director of SalesFix, Jason Lawrence, originally implemented Sales Cloud for Opsview as well as integrating an e-commerce website, financial solution – Intacct, and a Licence Entitlement Management Solution into Opsview’s overall Salesforce1 Platform. For this project, SalesFix implemented Service Cloud.

      “From day one, Service Cloud worked perfectly. We could see our customers logging in and tickets being logged; everything just worked. The whole switch was seamless to our customers.”

      “We worked through any challenges together as a team. We’ve found SalesFix always goes the extra mile to offer best practice solutions and advice. I think that’s why Jason Lawrence has been awarded by Salesforce as a Most Valued Professional (MVP), because of all the excellent work he does for the Salesforce community!”

    • The SalesFix Solution

      “Service Cloud really understands the entire customer journey: what customers have bought, enquiries made, issues raised, what they are entitled to and how we were performing as a company.”

      “Now anyone in our organisation can see tickets that have been logged by a customer, giving all of our staff full visibility into our customers’ history.”

      Opsview also found that support ticketing in Service Cloud could be locked down once a customer reached their pre-set limit, and that it could decipher a SLA response time. “It definitely worked out these complexities a lot quicker than the other tools we evaluated – hence another reason we chose Service Cloud!”

  • The Results

    • “My advice to any other company is that you should never try to do this implementation alone. Go to someone that really knows their stuff on the development and administration side. It is money well spent!

      “We are so happy with the implementation. It has been a huge success. The Service Cloud has fantastic reporting capabilities that have given us real visibility. Now we also have the flexibility to customise our service. There are no limits anymore.”

      With access to additional applications within Salesforce itself, as well as a whole range of third-party solutions available on the AppExchange®, Opsview can continue to extend their solution.

      And the reporting and data analysis on Opsview’s worldwide customer base is now dramatically improved. Neil notes how frustrating and time-consuming the process of locating reports used to be: trying to find out what had been done, how long it took, how much Opsview did that month, and where the reports were. With Salesforce’s detailed reports, he found that the additional reporting capability of Service Cloud has provided significant benefits.

      “Now we can send reports to our Engineering team about the recurring issues our customers are having. The information coming directly from our customer base has had a positive impact on product improvement, sales renewals, and reduction in logged cases, which in turn means better customer experience and satisfaction.”

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