Brisbane South PHN

When health care is at the centre of your organisational outcomes it is important you have the right tools and data to allow for uncomplicated decision making.

Evolving and creating smart user-friendly solutions to impact a health network.

Brisbane South Primary Health Network is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to providing a well-coordinated and collaborative primary health system. Their goal is to provide support and nurture partnerships with local community organisations, health care professionals, regional hospital and health services, state and federal governments, and the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Brisbane South PHN Impact

  • 7126 Primary Health Workers
  • 1.29M Community Health Members
  • 334 General Practices
  • 2 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations
    across 7 sites

Brisbane South PHN has engaged with SalesFix over the last four years to create and evolve smart user-friendly solutions that have impact on their network in order to achieve the best results for stakeholders at all levels, general practices, mental health providers, and more.

“Our team was very excited to be involved in developing the requirements we needed to get the best results out of the implementation. Salesforce has helped us interact better with each other and capture the interactions we have with stakeholders.”

Toni Shaw
IT Manager

Brisbane South PHN

In the Beginning

The journey to efficiency and stakeholder impact began in 2018,
the organisation was labouring due to inefficient processes that required them to navigate across multiple systems and run them concurrently. There was also a limited view of daily activities between teams and departments, reducing the ability to make informed decisions and drive actions to improve results and increase stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty.

The implementation of Salesforce CRM as the single source of truth for customer information and engagement activities allows the ability to work better with stakeholders and provides a better understanding of their workforce and the primary network to be able to meet their needs.

The implementation of Salesforce for Brisbane South PHN delivered a redefined way of working and increased stakeholder engagement.


Key impacts from their first step in digital evolution included:

  • Improved employee experience, including better access to data and improved internal communication
  • Efficiencies in fulfilling reporting requirements internally and externally to the Department of Health
  • Reduction in email fatigue to the network and stakeholders with better communication practices and processes 
  • Alleviation of administrative burden with the ability for teams to record information in real time onsite at practices without an additional trip back to the office for record keeping.


Brisbane South PHN


Data Management Community Portal
Process Improvement

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Next steps

Practice Plan

With their Salesforce CRM in full swing, Brisbane South PHN looked at ways they could take this into the network of practices in their area to improve the way change management was being executed. Their ‘practice plan’ solution essentially replaces a paper-based system and allows Brisbane South PHN stakeholders (medical practices and practitioners) to create a plan that visualises the change concepts they have chosen to work on.

Through this solution the PHN can use these plans to:

  • Identify areas for coaching to help with the improvement or change
  • Use the data to better understand where the practice may need assistance

DiscoverPHN Community Portal

With a network as large as Brisbane South PHN, providing training for professional development can weigh heavily on resources especially when delivered face to face. Through the initial implementation of Salesforce, Brisbane South PHN developed the DiscoverPHN community portal and over time this portal has been further developed with the support of SalesFix to be a key resource.

DiscoverPHN has brought simplicity to complex management of its stakeholders with the key elements:

  • It delivers flexibility for users to complete the training online via recorded webinars and the PHN’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Reduces the need for trainers to travel and provides visibility on training completion data especially for compulsory accreditation
  • Allows users to access knowledge articles and event registration
  • Delivers a self-service option to team members to view and update contact information and upload contract deliverables against their contracts.

Moving into the Future

Improvement of key processes

As Brisbane South PHN moves forward, they continue to improve areas of the organisation to move into the future. Through their most recent project with SalesFix they undertook the improvement of change and data request processes to allow for more dynamic handling. Both these processes allow for high visibility from contributing parties and governance teams to streamline workflow, reduce resources and expedite outcomes.

“We found it really easy to work with SalesFix staff, from the Project Managers through to the Devs as well. We really like the flexibility we were given because sometimes when doing a project things change or maybe we don’t know what we don’t know when we start. Also the desire to stick with click before code in situations where we can, has been really helpful.”

Toni Shaw IT Manager Brisbane South PHN 

SalesFix are excited to support Brisbane South PHN as they continue to evolve their solutions and digital transformation to achieve their goal of working together differently to build a person-centred mental health and wellbeing network.

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