BirdLife Australia

Taking supporter and member experience to the next level to provide a bright future for Australian Birds.

BirdLife Australia’s mission is to provide a bright future for Australian Birds.

This would not be possible without its dedicated community of supporters and members that help drive the success of their programs and fundraising.

With the ability to unite and inspire the bird loving community across Australia, BirdLife is creating a bright future for Australian Birds. They are the nation’s largest not-for-profit bird conservation organisation and their work over the past century has achieved beneficial results for a wide range of Australian bird species.
The power of their passionate members and supporters has seen the protection of birds and their habitats through robust programs and informed advocacy. Above all BirdLife promotes a true appreciation for getting into nature and enjoying birds with like-minded people.


BirdLife Australia




With their community of supporters, members and volunteers all having multiple interactions across different platforms within BirdLife, it was hard to paint a clear picture of an individual’s journey with the organisation.

They wanted to engage, connect and understand the contributions that each member and supporter was making, whether it be volunteer work, donations, education, advocacy or all of the above. Their existing systems did not provide a full view of members and supporters and they had to piece together information from various sources to understand the impact of each individual. 


They knew that if they had a better understanding, they could build stronger relationships and leverage their members and supporters to bring better outcomes for the organisation.

BirdLife knew what their outcomes and goals were,
and engaged SalesFix to help them deliver on those three goals:

– Increasing fundraising income
– Joined-up member and supporter journeys
Capturing member and supporter intelligence

To meet these goals, the best CRM solution for BirdLife was Salesforce as it provided flexibility and modularity that enabled choice around which front-end fundraising platforms, marketing tools, and receipt programs to use. This meant they could continue to use their existing fundraising platforms such as Raisely that was already familiar to supporters, reducing the risk of attrition.


To meet the required needs, SalesFix developed a Salesforce solution that allowed for seamless integration of new and existing data processing, fundraising, and receipt programs and applications to provide a strong customer experience journey.

Salesforce was set up as the fundraising back-end, and was paired with front-end fundraising platform, Raisely, which BirdLife has been using occasionally. Additional solutions such Conga, MoveData, Good2Give, Payments2Us and DoGooder were also implemented to deliver on other specific requirements not covered by Raisely.


These new and existing solutions, along with Salesforce for customer relationship management, process automation and reporting, created the right solution that BirdLife required to allow them to paint the picture they were wanting of their members and supporters. 

With the ability to understand their members and supporters better, BirdLife can now tailor advocacy, marketing and fundraising campaigns to the right audiences.

Delivering the right experience for their supporters has also involved setting up
Salesforce Experience Cloud. This community provides a customised user experience for members and supporters, allowing them to renew their membership, print receipts, change donation frequency or amount, and update contact details.

Supporter and member information is automatically updated in Salesforce giving BirdLife an accurate picture at all times. This self managed community reduces the time that staff spend updating and helping supporters over the phone and via email and gives more time back to work on their cause.

From volunteers to donors, BirdLife Australia knew they needed
to provide a more cohesive
and impactful experience
for their passionate community members.

To achieve this they embarked on a journey to digitalise
their entire member and supporter experience,
including a website upgrade and implementation
of a highly effective CRM to replace their existing
Raisers Edge solution.


To contribute to a successful member and supporter experience, effective and impactful interactions are key.

With siloed data, BirdLife could not communicate effectively. SalesFix’s solution architecture allowed for seamless data transfer between BirdLife’s platforms allowing for richer engagements. For example, when an online donation form is completed with Raisely, MoveData brings the donation data into Salesforce and automatically creates or updates a member/supporter record.

With all data now centralised in a member/supporter record, automations can be introduced to drive efficiency within the BirdLife team.

For example, the Major Donor team now receive an alert when a high value donation is made. The team can also easily see the value of donations over time quickly and easily. This coupled with effective campaign attribution means that the BirdLife team can track donations more accurately. and use it to effectively manage their fundraising relationships.


To close out the donation process, SalesFix developed a simple and centralised receipt process within Salesforce and paired this with Conga for batch receipt generation. The automatic high value donation alert meant the team can jump in and add a message to a receipt before it is sent, providing a personalised customer experience.

BirdLife Australia is now ready to take the organisation forward and provide the best supporter and member experience for its passionate community.


With its effective and efficient solution it can now fulfil its goals of increasing fundraising income, better engaging and connecting with members and supporters. This frees up more time for their most important cause creating a bright future for Australian Birds.


Data was migrated by Data Consultants Australia. Working together, SalesFix and BirdLife successfully migrated hundreds of thousands of records into Salesforce, setting up regular giving in Raisely, and coordinating go live across multiple solutions at once.


BirdLife can now manage over 150,000 donors, volunteers and members through Salesforce and have introduced many automated processes to ensure that staff are maximising their time, doing work that focuses on the organisation’s mission rather than dealing with administrative tasks.


Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP)
Salesforce Experience Cloud
Providing donors and members with a portal experience
Salesforce Identity Management
To facilitate members and supporters being able to login to
BirdLife’s various solutions such as Birdata

Salesforce Pardot
Providing marketing automation to members and donors
Connecting Raisely and DoGooder to Salesforce
Conga Composer
Automate the generation of receipts

Handling direct debits and offline payments

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Photo Credits to Callan Alexander, Mick Roderick & Alex Maisey

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