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    Austral Precast Pty Ltd is in the business of construction. As Australia’s leading provider of structural precast concrete building solutions, these sustainable products serve the needs of our cities, communities and people every day.
    With the construction industry booming and concrete being the most commonly used material in building worldwide, Austral Precast pride itself on providing solutions to suit the range of clients’ projects and budgets.

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    • As a result of our Salesforce CRM implementation, we have significantly increased our repeat customers and ROI. Sales and production in QLD have increased by over 50% in the past year without any additional back office staff.

      Kyrien Nolan
      Austral Precast
    • Austral Precast consists of businesses in operation across four states: QLD, NSW, VIC and WA, with a total of 210 staff. Each of the four business units operated independently with their own processes. As a result, the company was drowning in spreadsheets, and communication about projects across the four businesses was difficult and inefficient. Austral Precast engaged SalesFix to provide a tailored CRM system to standardise quoting, to achieve control and visibility nationally.

  • The Approach

    • “The two things that sold us on SalesFix were their single point of contact approach and their expertise business process mapping. Both were seamless and added immense value to the program.”
      Once the business process has been discussed and agreed upon, SalesFix works out the technical aspects of the job and then provides a customised solution, demonstrating how it will work.

      “SalesFix’s biggest strength is their ability to talk in a language we understand about our business processes. Armed with the ideal business processes we’ve agreed upon they go away and work with the technical requirements to deliver the customised solution.”

  • Key Benefits

    • Visibility

      Since implementing the Salesforce®, the information we need is at everyone’s fingertips. We now have 360 degree visibility of our entire business; each member of staff can track every interaction with their clients.

    • Standardised

      The standardisation of business processes across all states has improved business and sales. Staff from different business units can now collaborate to achieve better outcomes. The technology has facilitated our change management program and transformed our internal culture.

    • Efficient

      Amalgamating all the independent businesses has resulted in improved efficiencies, creating a true single business entity. The system has allowed us to work smarter not harder. As a result, doors of opportunities are flying open.

  • The Challenge

    • As a growing business, to remain competitive in the construction industry, Austral Precast saw the need to standardise their business processes across all four national business units and 210 staff. The objective was to cut down on administration time and make quoting,sales, client service, and internal and external communication more efficient.

      “To improve our customer service and minimise our risk, we needed a system that could guarantee to our customers that we were meeting our SLAs. Additionally, we needed a system that would improve our own internal reporting requirements and provide us with full visibility of customer history.”

      “Following implementation, the biggest challenge has been user adoption. It took considerable time and effort, to convince the states to start using the Salesforce system. Let’s face it, people get stuck in their ways and not every one embraces technology. Through comprehensive training, all Austral Precast staff are now confidently using Salesforce nationally and across departments including: management, detailing, sales, production, installation and administration” said Nolan.

    • The Implementation

      “Queensland was the first state to roll out the implementation and we are already realising big returns on investment. The same is expected for the other states in relation to sales, productivity, and many other benefits.”

      “The original intention of the project was to manage opportunities by generating standardised quoting system. Due to the success of the initial implementation, we continued to roll out projects to integrate our entire business processes across our business nationally – hitting all project phase milestones. We are continuing to do this today and in the future; currently scoping out phase five with a phase six in the pipeline.”

    • The SalesFix Solution

      SalesFix worked with Austral Precast Pty Ltd to provide a customised Salesforce solution to integrate business processes across all Austral Precast’s national business units. The system is simple to use and can be accessed via the cloud anytime anywhere. It has improved communication and manages the full life cycle of sales opportunities – from inception through to completion to after-sales service.

  • The Results

    • “As a result of our Salesforce CRM implementation, we have significantly increased our repeat customers and ROI. Sales and production in QLD have increased by over 50% in the past year without any additional back-office staff.”

      “If Queensland doesn’t have the production capability to deliver on time for a specific job we can capitalise the production team in VIC, NSW or WA. Salesforce is a very flexible CRM system with functionality and capabilities that have improved communications, sales and opportunities. The options to improve business processes across the board are limitless.”

      “The Salesforce project for us has been a great success. In less than a year the journey has transformed our business allowing us to better deliver projects to our customers through improved efficiencies and standardised processes.”

      “Imagine a seamless sales journey where you can track every interaction with your clients. This is what SalesFix provided. It allows you to quote, manage, communicate and invoice at each step of the sales journey”

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