How Salesforce Pardot can change your life

How Salesforce Pardot can change your life

Staying on top of the marketing side of your business can be as tedious as it is crucial.

Making sure everything runs smoothly and effectively is a key part of gaining and keeping customers. Salesforce Pardot is the marketing software that can change your life with its ability to streamline marketing and marketing administrative activities. Here are just a few ways it does!

E-mail Marketing

Though Pardot can help with a wide range of marketing, one of the most impressive and useful specifics that it can help with is e-mail marketing. Through Pardot, you can create both e-mail templates that can be reused in the future as well as e-mails that can be sent out to Pardot lists. This helps you effectively stay on top of announcements, promotions, and newsletters relevant to your business, and it keeps your customers engaged and interested.

Pardot also has your e-mail formatting appear in whichever way you want and has all links pointing to the correct destination to make sure that data follows correctly. You can also send e-mail tests before officially launching, allowing you to be confident in the e-mails you send.


Pardot helps to make the administrative details a little easier to keep track of. Through this part of the program, you can set up additional e-mail sending domains or view your current e-mail usage. You can also use connectors to sync with a third-party application such as a CRM system to further simplify your tasks.
To keep yourself on track, Pardot also gives you the option to use filters to exclude certain visit types, clicks or other actions. This can help you avoid skewing results and keep everything neat and organised.

To top things off, the administrative section of Pardot also provides additional security for you and your business by giving the option to whitelist IP addresses or ranges as you deem necessary and appropriate.

Prospect Fields and Forms

Custom prospect fields allow you to customise information on your prospect records. Once you accomplish this, these fields can either be synced with your CRM or connected to Form Fields. Default Prospect Fields can conveniently store prospect information as well.

Once your prospect fields have been set up, you are then able to use the wizard to either create forms or form handlers that can be hosted on either Pardot Landing Pages or your own website. The main difference between forms and form handlers is that Pardot forms are designed and managed exclusively in Pardot while form handlers connect Pardot to your external forms and allow you to funnel prospect information into Pardot.

If you have a hard time deciding between forms and form handlers or have different needs for different prospect fields, no worries! You can mix and match as you feel appropriate.

Lead Generation

Another highlight of Pardot is smarter lead generation. By using Pardot’s landing pages, forms, search tools, and social connections, you will be able to successfully maintain a steady flow of leads that are critical to the growth of your business.

How does Pardot do this? By tracking your visitors’ interactions and activities through tracking cookies, or small pieces of data, when they first visit your website. This gives you a full view of the user’s browsing behaviour to give you the leads you need.

Lead Management

In addition to lead generation, Pardot is also excellent with streamlined lead management. Through Pardot, you can make sure to increase your engagement and sell faster by reaching all the right customers at exactly the right time. Timing is important to any sale, and staying on top of it is a game changer.

One way that Pardot helps you maintain and manage your leads is through automation. You are able to automate various processes in your account so that you can enable easy and effective lead nurturing to make sure that you stay on top of them.

SalesForce Pardot is here to make your life easier and help your business grow. With these mentioned features and more, you will be able to free yourself up to focus on bigger tasks and bring more clients to your business. Let Pardot organise all of the details and mechanics of marketing for you by requesting a personalised demo today.

For further information about Salesforce Pardot, contact one of our expert Salesforce consultants today.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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To speak to one of our team in relation to options for your migration from DonMan
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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