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    2. How can Salesfix help you sell more houses?

    How can Salesfix help you sell more houses?

    • Are you a company in the property and real estate industry, looking to create efficiencies across management of leads, clients and properties?  Would you rather be signing up your next listing than drowning in paperwork?

      Let us tell you how SalesFix can help to avoid double handling of data so you can sell more houses!

      Introducing the Salesforce Property Accelerator.  This product is perfect for companies in the property and real estate industry, looking for an accelerated implementation on the Salesforce platform to assist with the better management of leads, clients and properties.  There are many ways the system can work with you, and the team at Salesfix have the expertise and know-how to help you get the best out of the product for your business.

      Imagine if you could manage your property portfolio using Salesforce and have all your data in one spot.  We know there are many facets to selling a house, it’s not just an online listing, an open house and a contract.  There are often months, sometimes years, of client nurturing to get the results you are seeking.  So how do you keep track of pipelines, sales, contracts, leads and every other part of the sales process involved in the property and real estate industry?  Here’s how…..

      Salesforce can capture new leads and distribute these amongst your sales agents, making you much more efficient.  This avoids double handling of information and the possibility of making errors in transposing information manually.  The system can then monitor activities such as phone calls, emails and meetings, and customise it so it is perfect for your business and how you work in-house.  It’s what Salesforce does best!

      Did you know that SalesFix can integrate your Salesforce platform with popular real estate websites like Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au?  Again, avoiding double handling and making your job so much easier!

      Track your sales pipeline, administer contracts and track commissions.  Monitor settlements and required inspections.  Traditionally these tasks are done manually, imagine never having to do all that reporting by hand again!

      Filter your portfolio of properties that meet a client’s requirements and easily email results directly using a user-friendly search function.  Your clients get what they need, it’s a simple process for you to action, plus you look like a rockstar.  Win! Win!

      You can effectively look after both vendors and buyers at every stage of the process and will be organised throughout the sale and purchase of multiple properties.

      Contact SalesFix now for more information about how our services can help you sell more houses.