Get Started with Salesforce for Small Businesses

Get Started with Salesforce for Small Businesses

The support that Salesforce offers businesses on various levels is unmatched by any other CRM.

What can small businesses have in common with large established enterprises? A CRM that provides robust solutions for all aspects of the business. Salesforce is currently the #1 CRM used by businesses across the board.

Small businesses have a lot to benefit from Salesforce as it not only provides excellent customer relationship management but is also scalable. Salesforce is the type of CRM that a business can get started with at inception and continue to use as it grows. Seamlessly accommodating more customers with the same high-quality service, Salesforce has become the preferred CRM for businesses that have ambitious long-term goals.

How to get started with the Salesforce CRM

With a Salesforce implementation partner like SalesFix, getting started with the CRM does not have to be overwhelming. Here are the steps that are required for a Salesforce setup:

Identify requirements: Salesforce comes in many forms. There are ‘out of the box’ options as well as customised options. Which one you choose will depend on what your main requirements are at that point in time. For a small business that is just getting started, they might need to start building a customer base and actively chase leads. The marketing automation tool of Salesforce can be very effective for this purpose.

When it comes to maintaining and improving the relationship with existing customers, the Service Cloud function of Salesforce can help streamline the process. Once the business is clear of what the main goal is, they can get started with the Salesforce function that supports that need. The CRM can be scaled and adapted as required as time goes by. A Salesforce implementation partner can help with these steps.

Installing Salesforce: The installation and Salesforce setup is the next step in getting started with Salesforce. SalesFix is a Gold Consulting Salesforce Implementation Partner and has been instrumental in installing and setting up Salesforce for several businesses. Based on a business’ requirements, SalesFix can help to customise the Salesforce CRM. Installing Salesforce and getting started on it does not have to be a stressful process.

The Salesforce implementation partner will also provide post-installation support in case the small business has any questions or issues with the setup. SalesFix has a customer service team that is fully trained to help customers who have queries about the Salesforce installation. The ongoing support has proved invaluable to small businesses. Once Salesforce has been installed, the business can get started on building a customer base and customer relations.

Train the staff: To gain the maximum benefit of any CRM, the people who are going to use it need to be trained well. When a small business installs the Salesforce CRM, they should also invest in a Salesforce implementation partner to train their staff on how to use the CRM to its maximum potential. With time and practice, employees get more comfortable and skilled with Salesforce, which makes customer relationship management much easier and more organised. It is the initial hurdles that need to be overcome with a comprehensive training programme.

SalesFix also offers training for Salesforce for business and can be consulted any time there are additions and upgrades to the CRM. With a Salesforce implementation partner like SalesFix, small businesses and their employees always have the right guidance on how to use the various features of Salesforce to keep customers happy, retain existing customers, push sales and improve the bottom line.

Why choose Salesforce for a small business

Many small businesses might be under the impression that they don’t require a powerful CRM like Salesforce for their business. The reasons could be that it is an additional cost, the business is too small, there are too few customers to need a CRM and so on. However, for any business to be sustainable, growth has to be factored in. Unless a small business has a plan to expand and have an increasing and continuing stream of new customers, it will not survive.

With the Salesforce CRM, businesses can think long term and capitalise on sales and marketing strategies that can help to grow the business. Here are just a few advantages that Salesforce offers to small businesses that forge a strong case for why every small business should consider implementing the CRM.

Customisable: When it comes to CRM, one size does not fit every business. Because every business is different, Salesforce can be customised to suit different needs. Some businesses might be focussed on hard selling while others are more involved in customer support; each of these can use Salesforce in a way that maximises their output. From project management to tracking leads, Salesforce can be used in a variety of ways that ultimately benefit both the business and its customers. A Salesforce implementation partner can advise on what features of Salesforce a small business would need most and customise the CRM accordingly.

Scalable: One of the biggest advantages that Salesforce offers is that it is scalable. Even if a business is starting relatively small, they can use Salesforce comfortably. As more customers start coming in, Salesforce has no problem accommodating them. New features that will help the business can also be integrated into the CRM at any time without causing any problems to the existing system, and with little downtime.

In a beneficial feedback loop, Salesforce helps to grow a business’ customer base and then provides the tools to manage that growing base. SalesFix is always on hand to help with upgrades, new features, and training every time Salesforce has to be scaled to meet increasing business needs.

Economical: For all the features that Salesforce offers, it is one of the most cost-effective CRMs on the market. SalesFix also offers economical services so that in combination, the overall cost to a small business is not drastically high. When you consider the cost with respect to the returns, Salesforce can pay for itself in a matter of months. With the help of SalesFix in the implementation and training, Salesforce can be optimised to drives sales and generate more revenue.

Ease of use: Initially, Salesforce for business might take some getting used to, but once users get familiar with the basics, it becomes easier to use. Salesforce follows a tab layout that makes navigation very easy. With each category of customer relationships getting its own tab, the user gets visual clarity of what is going on with each customer and what stage of the customer journey they are on. There is no need to miss follow-up calls with the reminder system, and customising the customer experience is simplified by the right type of data being analysed and displayed. SalesFix has training for employees of small businesses who can use the CRM even if they are not highly tech-savvy.

Working with SalesFix

Small businesses that invest in Salesforce can gain the maximum ROI by partnering with SalesFix. From installation and training to upgrades and continuous customer support, SalesFix ensures that a business gets the most out of the Salesforce CRM. SalesFix has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, and you can contact us
to know more about our services and how we can work with you.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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To speak to one of our team in relation to options for your migration from DonMan
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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