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    • SalesFix have recently created a new role within the business, and it is my honor to introduce myself as the Customer Success Manager.

      My commencement was timely, with my first week coinciding with a Customer Experience conference that was being held in Melbourne, its content primarily concentrating on how to increase, engage and improve the overall customer experience.

      What seemed to be the overwhelming perspective across all the speakers and sessions is that the “normal” way of conducting business has undergone an amazing transformation over the last few years. This should come as no surprise to anyone, with the digital world being such an essential part of our mainstream lives these days. But what is surprising is some of the stats and quick facts that were presented. Social Media conversations are replacing initial introductions at an astounding rate. And ongoing relationships are becoming fractured because the simple stuff is not being carried through.

      Did you know:

      • 57% of buyer process is completed before a sales person has any opportunity to influence.
      • 68% of customers leave because they think you don’t care
      • 74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was FIRST to add value and insight
      • 85% of sales engagements are failing to meet expectations

      So what does this tell us? It is my belief that Customers are “listening” to our message like never before. The Question is whether they are “hearing” us properly.

      So, here are some of the Golden Rules

      • Start simple by understanding our clients
      • Define social media’s role in the overall customer experience
      • Value-add & challenge
      • Give a voice to our customer
      • Listen, respond, learn and measure
      • Never lose sight of what makes our products great


      Because excellent execution of Customer Basics is key to managing the customer experience.

      Karen Matheson
      Customer Success Manager
      Mb: 0422 881 839
      Em: karen@salesfix.com.au

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