Change Management and your organisation

Change Management and your organisation

Change Management often gets very poor publicity from both within an organisation and out in the broader business community. It can even send shock waves of negative emotions through all levels of an organisation.

Why is this? And how can SalesFix assist you to implement positive change within your organisation?

Organisational Change Management is a structured approach whereby an organisation identifies its issues and/or opportunities and defines the objectives and scope of the changes and tools needed in relation to the smooth transition of these changes.

At best, it brings a situation where Management, Staff, Partners, Stakeholders and Clients are informed, skill-ready, excited and responsive to the changes being implemented. At worst, it can be a nightmare, where you can have disgruntled and demotivated staff who feel they have been left in the dark, unskilled and ill-prepared to implement changes they feel have been thrust upon them.

Change Management centres on people and how they manage the implementation, learning and adoption of the changes and how they are supported to utilise new methods, tools and accepting and adaptive to the changes. An organisation firstly needs to have a clear idea of what currently is and what isn’t working – a baseline.

Before devising a plan, an organisation must identify tools and resources and/or skilled partners and develop a defined scope and implementation strategies to smoothly transition its people, resources and processes to the desired outcome. All this whilst still operating their business.

The SalesFix Team has the expertise, knowledge and tools to make this transition painless and positive for your organisation. SalesFix can assist your organisation to create an initial “proof of concept”. Let us guide you to success.

With our expertise and specialised tools we will support you every step of the way.

When any organisation is facing change, whether wanted or just needed, there can be resistance -both internally and externally. Will all your staff be thrilled to adopt a new system or method of doing things, will they be hesitant to support upper management’s ideas or new tools? Will your clients and stakeholders accept your new methods and support your changes?

It can be a minefield without the proper approach, guidance and the most appropriate tools.

Change never happens in isolation, it impacts the whole of an organisation both directly and indirectly.

Effective Change Management encompasses 6 important elements:

You must have Sponsorship, Buy-in, Involvement, Impact, Communication and Readiness.

  • Sponsorship: There needs to be positive and active sponsorship for the changes at a Senior Executive level within an organisation (If your Senior Executives don’t believe in it, how can you influence the other levels to adopt the changes)?
  • Buy-in: There needs to be buy-in from all those affected by and involved in the changes.
  • Involvement: The key to the success of any change is to ensure that the right people (experienced, skilled and with a clear understanding of the tools to be used) are involved in the design and implementation of changes.
  • Impact: There needs to be a full assessment of how the changes with affect people, both within the organisation, project partners, stakeholders, clients and industry.
  • Communication: Clear, inclusive and ongoing communication to everyone who will be affected is vital to effect long term sustainable change – what will happen, why and how.
  • Readiness: Preparing people for change is integral. Give them the background, knowledge, training, skills, strategies and help to excel. Ensure the people affected by the changes understand timelines, why you are implementing changes, what issues the changes will overcome, what opportunities will open up and how the changes will ultimately help both them and the organisation. Help to get them excited about what is afoot.

SalesFix has a wealth of knowledge and experience in guiding organisations from the earliest stages of listening and understanding your business. We can assist you to identify your processes, provide insights into your issues and opportunities and provide advice on what tools are already available or what may need to be designed to effect the outcome you require. We are implementation specialists!

Skilled SalesFix Consultants work onsite at your organisation to assist in translating your processes, challenge and improve how the implementation may work effectively and to build the buy- in by your team members.

If your organisation is ready to make a real change contact SalesFix today

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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To speak to one of our team in relation to options for your migration from DonMan
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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