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    2. 5 Tips to Cope with the Summer Retail Rush

    5 Tips to Cope with the Summer Retail Rush

    When the summer months hit, business heats up too. Locals and tourists will pour into stores to find their new suits, towels, and beach accessories. Plus, they’ll want to capitalise on new styles, gadgets that make the summer more bearable, and they’ll need to fuel up.

    • Every retail business will be slammed by new and returning customers. For the best retail industry solutions, you’ll need the right tool that helps you to stay ahead of the game. That’s where a retail CRM is extremely valuable for small business owners. Below, we’ll discuss the tips to manage daily operations and taking advantage of the summer buzz.

      Know What’s In-Stock

      What do you have in your stock room? What’s ready to ship? It’s crucial to double check your inventory. You have enough of the most popular items so that you won’t run out. In that same venue, you need to understand your shipping times and demand. If you’ve been selling for a few years, look at the previous accounts to get an idea of what you’ll need the most. When you have a program that allows you to track sales data as well as converting items, you’ll be able to plan for the future. The Salesforce CRM for retail can help you to do this. You’ll be able to track not only your sales but which campaigns and products drew in the most customers.

      Loyalty Programs for the Win

      As a shopper yourself, you likely know the benefit of a loyalty program. You earn reward whenever you shop, and we’ve seen these programs become successful for nearly every type of business. If you don’t already have a program in place, now’s the time to create one. You’ll also want a way to track their success and promote them. When you use the salesforce retail CRM, you can manage hundreds of campaigns across social media, mobile publishers, and more. It allows you to see the effect of your ads and whether they’re driving traffic. You can even make shopping a seamless experience whether online, on mobile, or in stores. Loyalty programs can be a fantastic way to find new customers and reward those that have been with you for a while.

      Look at What can Increase Conversions

      Increase conversions with bonus items, sales, and bundles. We’re trained to spend more during the summer and the holidays, and if you can capitalise on this by offering small add-ons, people will be that much more likely to boost your sales. Plus, when you bundle things to help them save a little money, they’ll likely come back and tell all their friends, driving sales. When you want to promote these sales, the Salesforce platform can track the success of each ad. Personalised Shopper Marketing allows you to create new shopping experiences in real time. You can sit back while these tools provide shoppers with personalised offers, recommended products, and tailored support. It’s just what you need to be sure that you’re capitalising on the enthusiasm of the summer season.

      Staff is Crucial

      When you’re the owner of your own small business, you understand you’re needed at all hours of the day and night. However, you can’t do everything on your own, and your staff will want help. We’re sure your employees will do everything they can to help, but they’re going to need a break or they’ll burn out. That’s why hiring temporary or seasonal staff can be so beneficial. Get a jump on things and start advertising for employees across your platforms, all of which you can track through Salesforce. Interview people in advance, so you know if they’ll work out and don’t forget to talk to some of your best employees about putting in extra hours or getting bumped up to full-time. It’ll reward them for their hard work and give you the support you need.

      Find Your Weak Link

      Just like knowing what ads and promotions are doing well is important, so is knowing what’s not. Especially during this busy season, use your CRM to track what sales and promotions have failed to live up to expectations and retire them. Plus, you can use this tool to determine if there’s a breakdown in communication, support, or if you need to provide more onboarding to new staff. The summer season should be a booming success, and using your CRM to the fullest can help you make sure of that. So strike now while the temps are hot.

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