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    Salesforce Unveils the Salesforce1 Platform

    • In keeping with the Mobile First strategy, salesforce.com® unveiled the Salesforce1® platform which allows your Users to access Salesforce from anywhere bringing their CRM to their mobile device.

      The message of Dreamforce ’13 was simple and clear – Welcome to Internet of Customers.

      We all know society is using mobile and social media more then ever before with smartphones and tablets rapidly becoming our tools of choice.ami

      “The third great wave of computing is upon us. Your customers are racing into the future and determining the future of your company. And it all comes down to this – you need to get to the future first, ahead of your customer and be ready to greet them when they arrive.”

    • Salesforce1

      Hand in hand with Salesforce’s Internet of Customers theme is their Mobile First strategy.

      In keeping with this strategy, salesforce.com unveiled the Salesforce1 platform for mobile devices.

    • A vast improvement on the Salesforce Touch and Chatter apps, Salesforce1 allows your users to access Salesforce from anywhere and bring all the customisations, settings and data to their mobile device. Every part of your Salesforce deployment, from standard objects and fields to custom fields and custom applications are available.

      System Admins can distribute the Salesforce1 mobile app to their Users and every time you create a new Salesforce App or a new CRM customisation, those get pushed to Salesforce1 instantly.

      Key features:

      • All Salesforce customers will be automatically upgraded to the new mobile platform
      • All standard and custom objects are accessible
      • All installed apps from the AppExchange are accessible
      • Connect to partners apps such as Evernote, LinkedIn & Dropbox
      • Available on iOS and Android devices

      The first release of Salesforce1 offers some point-and-click customisation like Compact page layouts which provide key information at a glance and Publisher Actions, like Create a Case, which display as an icon by tapping the + symbol on a record page. System Admins can use the Salesforce1 emulator to test their configuration settings without having to constantly check and refresh their mobile device. The emulator can be found by appending /one/one.app to the end of their salesforce URL. e.g. https://ap1.salesforce.com/one/one.app

      Future releases promise even more customisation options like custom branding which will allow you to brand your instance of Salesforce1 with your company’s colours and logo.

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