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    2. 3 Reasons you need to check the health of your CRM

    3 Reasons you need to check the health of your CRM

    • Is it time for a CRM check-up?

      A CRM is an essential tool to stay in contact with your customers. Storing customer information allows the company to anticipate their needs, allows the staff to make personal connections, and to really build a long-lasting relationship with customers. However, when is the last time you have looked at the health of your CRM? Like many things, even this virtual information, needs someone checking on it and ensuring it is running to the best of its ability. If you haven’t looked at how your CRM is currently feeling with the workload, technology, or age, then it is time for a checkup.

      Is data backed up and updated regularly?

      Your CRM holds important customer information. It is the key for your sales team to connect with customers. By holding information about the customer, their interests, previous purchases, and other important business information, a CRM is a treasure trove of time-saving data. When is the last time this trove was backed up though?
      Is your data accessible only from one server? If that server goes down, then this database of valuable information is unable to be used, or potentially lost forever. Also, the chances of natural disasters pose a threat.

      To protect your business and data, it is important to back up the information regularly and in a separate location from where it is originally stored. The cloud is an amazing place to store this back up since it will be accessible from anywhere and provides easy access with an internet connection.

    • The data has a lifeline, when was it last cleaned?

      We know the information in the CRM is valuable, but it also must be cleaned. Data has a lifeline and storing this information when it is no longer needed will ensure the CRM is functioning at its best. Why hold on to the extra pounds if it is healthier to lose them? A CRM needs to be cleaned, and the data needs to be validated. Customers are not stationary, and neither is their data.

      Things to consider checking are addresses; phone connect ability, record completeness, and record de-duplication. If your CRM does not have the correct contact information, then it is not helping the company in reaching the customers. Ensuring accurate information will ensure quality relationships with the customers. Ensure information is checked on a regular basis and that redundant or outdated data is removed.

      How is everything performing?

      Finally, how is everything working? Is everything running as quickly as possible or are there some housekeeping to take care of? Hardware should be taken care of, ensuring old equipment and old wires are replaced when needed, and that dust is removed in order to preserve the hardware. RAM storage and CPU use should also be monitored to ensure upgrades come when needed.

      Software also should be checked to ensure they are working up to standard. Updated software ensures that security is considered. How are users connecting to their account? Have there been any log abnormalities? Are security licenses and other vulnerabilities being tracked and protected against? A CRM can face many threats since it contains valuable information, so updated software is the front-line against malicious attacks.

    • Salesforces CRM Health Check

      Keeping up on your CRM is a lot of work, especially to do it fully and feel confident In its health and performance. Salesforce has already thought about all of these features though and knows the best way to check up on and manage the health of your CRM.

      With the Salesforce CRM health check, you can ensure your CRM is functioning at 100% and working for your business needs. This program pairs your business with experts in CRM health. Then your personal CRM health advisor monitors and analyses the health of your current CRM. Like any doctor appointment, your advisor then diagnoses the issue and provides your company with the steps and tools to improve the health of your CRM. Focusing on features, integrations, and improvements to increase your company’s efficiency. They find the holes in the current system, and the Salesforce CRM Health Check promises to fill those holes.

      If you have any further questions regarding the health of your CRM, contact SalesFix today to speak to one of our consultants.