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    SalesFix Customer Success Story of Creating a Streamlined Fundraising System with Salesforce, Raisely and Movedata.

    • Date

      2021 Oct


      Fitted for Work



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    • One of the benefits of working with SalesFix is they know how to listen. They are the technical experts but they really understand our culture, our people and how we work together. This has allowed SalesFix to come up with unique solutions for us that have been adopted for the long term.

      Donna De Zwart
      Fitted for Work
    • Fitted for Work’s previous fundraising platform was complicated, unresponsive and provided an unintuitive user experience for both internal stakeholders and external donors. The software was an add-on to Salesforce and created by third party developers, but was abandoned and no longer supported by either party. After a recent routine Salesforce update, the existing add-on was rendered unusable. Fitted for Work were unable to receive online donations and an urgent fix had to be implemented. With the goal of speed and automation in mind, SalesFix identified a new software, Raisely, that could be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce using Movedata.

  • Key Benefits

      The ultimate solution provided a simple and intuitive interface for both the internal Fitted for Work team as well as their donors and clients. The external-facing donation form was created in just an hour or so and integrated with Salesforce to capture submissions and automate processes. The setup was so clean, simple and quick that Fitted for Work was able to forgo hiring a web designer, saving them weeks of programming time and the cost of the build.

      Data transfer between Raisely and Salesforce is fast and automated using
      Movedata, eliminating extraneous time spent on manual data entry and eradicating human error. The Fitted for Work team can now dedicate more effort and time to their purpose.

    • AGILE
      Fitted for Work’s previous fundraising solution was code-based, which required a technical support team to implement responsive updates. The new solution can be updated and tweaked as quickly and as often as needed. As a cloud-based system, the platform can be accessed by Fitted for Work’s team anywhere, from any device, and encourages real-time collaboration.

  • The Client

    • Fitted for Work is a not-for-profit organisation that supports disadvantaged women in their pursuit and retention of work. The organisation has been empowering women and non-binary peoples with knowledge, self-esteem and job-readiness since 2005.

      Fitted for Work offers a range of tailored services and workshops based on each individual’s personal needs, ranging from personal outfitting to job preparation to computer and technical skill workshops. Many of the services are available virtually, and can be accessed by women across Australia.

    • The Situation
      Fitted for Work’s existing fundraising platform was clunky, complicated and difficult to use. Both Salesforce and the third-party developer of the software obsoleted the program and no longer offered technical support, meaning any troubleshooting or updates were the sole responsibility of Fitted for Work’s small team. As a code-based program, major updates or changes required support by outside technical teams and inhibited the efficiency of Fitted for Work’s data management system. Eventually, a scheduled, routine update to the Salesforce software rendered the existing fundraising add-in obsolete and unusable. The team ultimately ended up manually handling data, which drew valuable time and resources away from purpose-driven activities.

    • The Challenge
      With an aging, unsupported fundraising software weighing down their efforts, Fitted for Work’s team sought a new solution to streamline their operations, improve data management and create an intuitive user experience for internal and external stakeholders. The critical requirement for the new system was seamlessness and longevity – the team needed an automated solution that could be updated and customised easily.

  • The Implementation

    • SalesFix identified a fit-for-purpose software called Raisely, which was integrated into Fitted for Work’s existing Salesforce infrastructure. Tailored to the team’s unique processes and requirements, the integration provided a seamless transfer of data from Raisely to Salesforce. As a cloud-based solution, team members can access the system from anywhere, on any device, and allows for easier future scaling-up efforts.

      Raisely’s out-of-the-box capabilities included donation forms that could be posted online without the need for a third-party web designer, saving weeks of downtime. Overall, the integration was functioning after a day, and the donation form went live after just an hour.

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