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    There’s an app for that

    Remember the days when app was just the start of other words such as appointment, apply, and appearance? Now it is a word all on its own with billions of apps available for download worldwide.

    • Part of our job as consultants is to find solutions to our customer’s challenges that help put them on a path to success. Oftentimes, this means finding apps that work directly with their Salesforce CRM.

      In our last blog we took a deep dive into the Payments2Us app but there are so many other options out there targeted at both corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Below are just a few good ones that we’ve been playing with lately.

      In recent years, many organisations around the world have taken a more active role in social change initiatives, however measuring this impact can prove challenging. Often, results are reported based on anecdotal type measurements rather than facts. This can be especially problematic for not-for-profits and organisations who need to be able to accurately measure results for funding purposes.

      Socialsuite is an impact measurement platform that helps organisations quantify the change they are making in the world. Having visibility of outcomes is a great way for social service organisations to learn what is working for their beneficiaries, and more importantly what isn’t. Armed with this information, organisations can continuously learn how to refine their programs for maximum impact, as opposed to treading blind.

      This has become particularly important in recent times with many funders becoming more astute in their investments, choosing to deploy limited capital only to areas that have a demonstrated social and environmental impact. Socialsuite Grow takes the pain out of outcome measurement by streamlining the process, so you can focus on developing impactful programs – and building a business case for vital funding.

      While measuring social impact is important to many organisations, data is perhaps one of the most valuable parts of any business. As many businesses found when they suddenly had to go virtual in 2020, having accurate data can increase customer engagement, improve brand loyalty, and may be the difference between campaign success or failure, particularly for not-for-profit and fundraising organisations.

      Database Consultants Australia, or DCA, are a large team of data specialists and information technology experts who use the power of data to help organisations such as OXFAM and the Children’s Cancer Institute deliver a smarter, stronger future. DCA is proudly Australian owned with a reputation for excellence in providing data services, enterprise smart mobility, higher education research management, cities and parking services, streamlining seasonal campaigns, and hosting and data assurance services.

      We see particular value for our customers through DCA’s data services which include:

      • Efficient migration of data from legacy solutions to new Salesforce
      • Data cleansing: identifying and merging duplicate records; validating address, telephone and email addresses and correcting as required; and enhancing data by adding socioeconomic information, for example.

      When it comes to de-duplicating your data, rule-based deduplication (such as Salesforce’s built-in deduplication functionality) means you’re probably spending more time than you need to identifying and eliminating duplicates. But there is a solution. A machine learning-based approach to deduplication not only saves time by eliminating the need to create rules or filters, but it improves accuracy and ease in managing contacts. This article explains why DataGroomr’s machine-learning approach is easier and more efficient for deduplicating your Salesforce records.

      Once you’ve put so much effort into getting and deduplicating your data, the last thing you want to do is risk losing it. With over 3000 customers across every industry and company size, OwnBackup is the number 1 cloud data protection platform for Salesforce.

      We all know how important backing up our data is but many CRM platform owners wrongly assume that because their SaaS data is in the cloud, it’s protected. The reality is that data loss and data corruption are certain to occur – whether by accident, malicious intent, or forces of nature. With OwnBackup you can proactively prevent losing mission-critical data and metadata with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.

      If you think any of the above apps could be useful for you and you’d like to explore how they can work for your organisation, please get in touch.

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