App Deep Dive: Payments2Us

App Deep Dive: Payments2Us

If you’re a business or organisation that deals with memberships, recurring donations, payments, or events, you’ll know how important having a reliable and easy to use system is. In this blog, we take a deep dive into an app that does exactly this.

When COVID-19 pushed the world even further online, both corporate and not-for-profit organisations had to move their products to digital channels almost overnight. Those who were already using a CRM such as Salesforce were at a significant advantage but that didn’t mean they didn’t face challenges, particularly if their business involved tracking payments, memberships and customer information.

Enter Payments2Us, which is a simple, secure and seamless app that can simplify direct debits, increase regular donations, manage memberships, events and courses, boost peer-to-peer fundraising, integrate Shopify, automatically reconcile bank statements, manage large volumes of donations with batch entry, and import files easily. Several of our customers are already using the app in their orgs and we can understand why they’re happy with it.

If you’re already a Salesforce Native, your admin will already know how to create reports, dashboards, set security, add reports, navigation, validation rules, and so on and can easily extend these actions with Workflows, process builder, or flows. Built on the trusted platform, Payments2Us extends these functions by enabling high availability, trusted security, constant upgrades, and scalability. It compliments NPSP as well as working with Standard Salesforce, has a translation workbench for changing any label, and can easily add to Experience Cloud. Plus, if you get stuck, you can check out their extensive user guide which is around 1100 pages long and is indexed by Google when searching Payments2us + question.

In addition to the above, one of main benefits of Payments2Us is the ability to transform the payment and reconciliation process.

Getting paid online should be easy but it is rarely as simple as people entering their details and you processing the transaction. There is a lot of work that goes on in the background to ensure the experience of your customers or donors matches your branding, captures all the information you require, and is basically seamless.

With the ability to quickly setup and customise forms, including matching branding and the ability to add, remove and change fields to meet your exact requirements, link to campaigns and appeals in Salesforce, choose payment options that suit you, and integrate voucher/promo code management for discounts, free events, memberships, and payments, Payments2Us offers the flexibility to tailor your configuration to your unique requirements.

Of course, receiving payments is just one aspect in the financial chain with finance departments very keen to make sure the sum of all credit card transactions balance with their bank account. In the Salesforce CRM, each and every single credit card donation is stored during the day, but only a single transaction will be deposited into an organisation’s bank account each day.

If this deposit happens at 6pm, but further donations come in later than this, then those donations are counted in the next day’s deposit. For a small to medium sized NFP, for example, this can take between two and four hours per week just in balancing time. With links to 17,000 banks around the world and the Automated Bank feed reconciliation of Payments2Us, reconciling a businesses online banking with the individual payments that have been made happens automatically with a simple report run to verify everything is balancing, saving time and increasing staff efficiency.

However, for many organisations one off payments play second-fiddle to recurring donations. By using Payments2Us and Salesforce, you are easily able to manage this process.

Recurring donations can be tricky for many organisations, particularly not-for-profit ones who often don’t have dedicated staff to focus on ensuring payments are successful. Payments2Us reduces the time staff have to spend on recurring donations by:

  • creating templates inside Salesforce with no staff/volunteer manual keying
  • offering the ability to email failed card holders with a unique link so they can update their details, saving many hours of internal admin time
  • automatically retrying failed cards, with retry codes and stats stored in Salesforce
  • having automated processes for managing direct debits, credit cards, or pledge reminders/invoices, and
  • using tokens so that credit card details are not stored to increase security and customer confidence.

Sitting alongside donations in the recurring stakes is memberships. Many organisations do not have an integrated membership system, which can make renewals a problem. Take, for example, a membership organisation without an integrated system who decides to make all members expire at the end of the calendar year. While this seems easy enough to manage, they usually end up making a lot of work arounds for when a new member joins just before the end of the membership, such as giving the member 13 months of membership instead of 12 if memberships end in December and the member joins in November.

With Payments2Us, a member is automatically sent an email with a unique renewal link at say 30 days before expiry, then 10 days before expiry and 5 days after expiry. As this is automated, there is no need to align with specific times of the year simplifying the internal management of memberships and providing a better experience for the member. You are also able to have different types of memberships, such as single, family, or corporate, and assign voting rights where relevant.

Payments2Us continues this flexibility when it comes to events with organisations able to offer multiple ticket types including single, group or team, as well as early bird pricing and different styles of tickets such as movie or conference. You can also add custom fields such as dietary requirements which, of course, all link directly with the campaign in Salesforce.

If your event, or organisation in general, includes peer-to-peer fundraising that is also covered with the ability to set up free, paid, team or individual registrations. This form of fundraising often drives more donations and raises the awareness of your cause as people listen and react better when the message comes from someone they personally know and trust.

When it comes to traditional types of fundraising, Payments2Us has templates for common 3rd party platforms such as Give Now and Go Fundraise with the added benefit of easily being able to set up custom templates which is ideal for workplace giving. Your data also remains consistent with existing Salesforce accounts and contacts automatically de-duplicated, new ones created as needed, the ability to import fundraisers only without creating donations as well as link to existing campaigns or create sub-campaigns for teams as imported.

To find out more about how we can help your organisation integrate Payments2Us into your org, please contact us.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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To speak to one of our team in relation to options for your migration from DonMan
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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