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    Summer 18 Release

    With the recent Summer 18 Salesforce now fully deployed in Production orgs, we’ve picked a few key highlights we’d like to bring to your attention.

    • Updated Search Capability

      Users now have the ability to select which object they would like to search. Enter your search term into the search bar as usual, and if you know what type of record you’d like returned, specify which object to search…. And Salesforce will do the rest! This will not only improve search times but also saves you having to scroll through lots of results to find your record!

      Create Sub-Folders direct From Lightning

      A nice little addition to Lightning for this release is the ability to keep reports nicely filed away with the use of sub-folders. Organise your reports and dashboard folders up to 3 layers deep… a win for our OCD users who hate clutter!

      View your task list in Kanban View

      Nearly all of us here at Salesfix are fans of the Kanban view, and what better addition than to be able to view and update your tasks using a Kanban view directly in Salesforce! Quickly visualise what is outstanding, and use the drag and drop functionality to easily update tasks until you can progress them no more! (a.k.a. They’re done!!)

      Create List Views from the Task Tab

      Sticking with the task theme, another new feature is the ability to create custom list views to help organise your tasks. Couple this with the above Kanban view, and you’re onto a winner!

      New UI for Reports

      A big change that those of you who like to create reports will have noticed, is the new Lightning Report builder. If you’re familiar with the classic interface, Salesforce hasn’t taken this away (yet), but we recommend embracing the cleaner UI of the report builder. Easily group by row or column, summarise and filter your data to answer all your report requests (that you can then tick off using the tasks Kanban view!)

      Export Formatted Reports in Lightning

      A few of our customers had been asking when this would be available in Lightning,… well, now it’s here!! Sticking with the report theme, another cool feature of Summer 18 is the ability to export your report, in its Formatted View (previously known as the ‘Printable View’. This essentially allows you to export your beautifully crafted reports in their nicely presented format (including report title, filter details, rather than the standard raw format that has been the only option in Lightning to date!

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