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    2. Slay that (Salesforce) dragon every day

    Slay that (Salesforce) dragon every day

    • Sometimes, managing the multiple channels, opportunities, and updates of Salesforce can feel like Hercules trying to slay the many heads of the Hydra. When you use all your cunning and might to cut off one head, another three grow in its place!

      At SalesFix we’re Salesforce devotees, and don’t want our clients to feel as weary as a classical hero on a quest every time they log in. We know what a dynamic, exciting and flexible platform it is for growing businesses, and we want you to feel the same way.

      As the Salesforce platform is constantly evolving (with three major rollouts per year), we find that many of our clients want to touch base regularly with a Salesforce Certified Consultant. Our range of customer support options are designed to keep your Salesforce ticking along throughout all updates, releases, and issues that arise throughout the year. With access as you need it to our highly skilled and Salesforce Certified Team, your peace of mind is assured.

    • Expert, certified advice and support

      SalesFix is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with over 10 years’ experience configuring, integrating and supporting the Salesforce CRM™. With our Customer Plans, our highly trained Support Analyst is the first point of contact for any issues raised. As Salesfix includes Certified Salesforce Service and Certified Sales Cloud Consultants, our Support Analysts must maintain their skills and certification every year, ensuring we provide only the best service and up-to-date advice to our customers.

    • Salesfix Customer Plans

      Our ongoing live support and consultancy packages keeps your Salesforce system up-to-date and reliable – and the costs predictable. Our range of customer plans include:

      • Consultancy services: solution design, configuration and customisation of your Salesforce CRM®
      • Development service: new functionality, processes or change requests
      • Salesforce.com local Certified Advanced Administrator for remote support
      • Cases can be submitted 24 hours per day via email. Support during published hours, plus out of hours for urgent issues.
      • Self-service portal to track progress of case
      • Remote e-support as well as Screensteps® lessons
      • Remote Help Desk administration assistance
      • Local SalesFix System Administrator
    • Salesforce Support Plan types and fees 

      Like you, SalesFix are in business. We know what tasks make a difference to your bottom line, and we have created outstanding process improvements and quick results for businesses ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations. We have developed different packages and rates to suit all types of business. Depending on your level of need, we recommend:

      Casual Consultancy support: 2 days minimum purchase

      Fixed Annual Consultancy Agreements: agreed no of days per month or quarter

      Productivity Plus: Dedicated Salesfix System Administrator with optional consulting days per year

      Salesfix takes pride in the high degree of our customer satisfaction, and our excellent service. And we want to keep your CRM running as smoothly as possible, well beyond set-up. We recently announced a new support package, the Salesforce Productivity Plus Service, for managed, proactive support. Run in tandem with our Customer Plans, you could get all your dragons, Hydras, Medusas, and Cyclops defeated in no time.