Salesforce Foundation – Not for Profit Edition

Salesforce Foundation – Not for Profit Edition

Salesforce are committed to ensuring their platform can be used successfully across many different industries, including the Not for Profit Sector.

The Salesforce Foundation

Salesforce recognises that Not for Profit organisations can potentially benefit immensely from using the World’s #1 Cloud Engagement Application and have therefore developed a system for the specific use of the Salesforce platform in the Not for Profit sector; The Non-Profit Success Pack.

The Non-Profit Success Pack is a Business to Consumer-based system, rather than the traditional Business to Business model, and in particular supports specific fundraising functionality, often required by charity organisations.

Additional to the Non-Profit Success Pack, Salesforce recognises the importance of non-profit organisations being able to access their platform.

Administered by the Salesforce Foundation, Salesforce donates 10 licenses for their Enterprise Edition each year to eligible organisations. Eligible organisations receive 10 subscriptions of the Salesforce Enterprise Edition at no cost and also receive considerable discounts on additional subscriptions.

The program empowers stakeholders in the Not for Profit sector to accelerate impact in their communities in a whole new way.

The result – Salesforce resources, combined with the programs and expertise of tens of thousands of non-profits and education institutions, drives scalable positive change in the world.

Through the Salesforce Foundation, non-profit organisations and educational institutions can get access to Salesforce products and resources to help expand our collective impact.

The Salesforce Foundation Program Includes:

  • 10 donated Enterprise Edition Sales or Service Cloud subscriptions
  • Discounts on additional subscriptions, products and/or services from Salesforce
  • Discounts on Salesforce training
  • Discounts on Salesforce events
  • Access to non-profit and education specific user groups, events and webinars
  • Discounts on participating Apps and consulting partners from the AppExchange

Through the Salesforce Foundation product discount and donation program, more than 31,000 Non-profit organisations and Higher Ed institutions are using Salesforce.

Additional to the program is a series of resources available to non-profit organisations to help them accelerate the impact within their communities. “The Power of Us Hub” is a one-stop resource centre where Salesforce Non-profit and Higher Ed users can find resources and training specific to their needs, engage with one another, and connect with employees, MVP’s in our community, and relevant partners.

Salesforce partner programs play a pivotal role in the success of Salesforce in the Not for Profit sector and in 2016 SalesFix adopted and signed the 1% Pledge.

As part of this SalesFix have committed to donating 1% of their services and time to make a meaningful commitment to society. SalesFix, through the 1% Pledge Program, provides special Not For Profit discounted rates for services to implement and support the Salesforce platform, which will see added value for the organisation.

SalesFix has already been involved in job-skilling people in need, donating to charities important to the team, activities such as helping out at homeless shelters and providing discounts to registered Not for Profits to help their organisations run smoothly.

For more information about the Salesforce Foundation, please contact SalesFix and speak with one of our expert Salesforce consultants.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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To speak to one of our team in relation to options for your migration from DonMan
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
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