• The Salesforce Platform is used by the most competitive companies around the world to ensure their sales and marketing strategies are at the highest level, but what if it could do more for your organisation?

      Salesforce offers “out of the box” solutions that can be applied to industries across the globe and achieve successful results. By engaging a Salesforce Consulting Partner, they can help you see outside of the box and tailor Salesforce to be exactly the system you need for your business.

      Salesforce Consulting Partners

      To become a Salesforce Consulting Partner there are many criteria that must be met, one of which is experience. Consulting Partners have worked on thousands of hours of consulting and have a deep understanding of how to get the most out of the platform. Consulting Partners are highly specialised in all aspects of Salesforce from business analysis, project management, solution architecture, configuration and development, to change management and training.

      As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, SalesFix spends many hours every week working with the Salesforce team, learning about their products, discussing projects with their thought leaders, and researching new ways of doing things.

      We talk directly with Salesforce! So, what additional benefits can we bring to you and your organisation? Here are just some of the key areas: –

      Managing Updates

      There are three product updates from Salesforce each year and it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest technology. A Salesforce Consulting Partner is complete across all updates and the potential differences these could make to your business and can, therefore, recommend the tools you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

      Salesforce Road Maps

      A Salesforce road map sets the vision for how your organisation will get the most out of the Salesforce, taking it beyond the CRM system. Customers who are achieving the most from Salesforce are leveraging the platform to streamline other areas of their business in addition to sales and marketing. For example, did you know Salesforce can be successfully implemented within your business in departments such as HR, account and finance, customer service?

      A Salesforce road map will identify and describe key business challenges you are trying to resolve in all departments, define the reports you need to effectively manage your business, identify systems you need to integrate, how you will do this and develop real-time goals on how you will achieve your desired outcomes.

      Most businesses struggle with inefficiencies with their business software systems, making most of them inefficient and time heavy. Employees often use ad-hoc systems such as spreadsheets, emails, wall charts and even sticky notes to manage work. Lack of shared data and effective reporting systems puts businesses at risk of losing data, and also deals!

      A Salesforce Consulting Partner will help you build your roadmap and identify solutions for short and long terms goals. Together we will revisit your roadmap every six months, review success, changes and business developments to ensure you always get the most from your Salesforce platform.

      Implementing New Procedures in Salesforce

      As a working document, your Salesforce roadmap will identify areas where the Salesforce platform can clearly assist your business. However, the implementation of any new system within a business can feel like a daunting task, one that often gets put into the “too hard” or “we will get to that” basket.

      A Salesforce Consulting Partner will work through system implementation with you, as well as testing the success and giving you the tools to measure both the short and long-term results for your business.

      No matter what your implementation goals may be, we can help you define what you really need, understand how Salesforce can transform your business and make it happen!

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