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    2. Productivity is never an accident

    Productivity is never an accident

    • Salesforce is so much more than a CRM.

      This podcast features an interview with SalesFix founder Jason Lawrence who describes how your business can take advantage of Salesforce CRM to boost business productivity.

      At its core, Salesforce enables you to build enterprise applications that can be integrated into your finance, marketing, inventory, & customer service systems.

      In the interview, you will hear about how the team at SalesFix can help your company by making the initial set up, and ongoing management, of your Salesforce CRM much easier. According to Jason, the key is to use a proven process.

      SalesFix are a business process improvement team who will work with you to improve your Sales, Marketing, customer service and other back office processes.

      But what’s the best news?

      Initial improvements to your business productivity can be made in as little as 5 days.

      As a Gold Salesforce partner, SalesFix will not only help with the setup and development side of things – they will also carry out training, workshops, configuration help, integration assistance and offer long term support

  • Change Management for Salesforce Projects

    Many businesses believe that changing or upgrading their technology platform will help solve their issues, but are left disappointed when the project fails.

    As our Business Development Manager, Yaou Smets outlines, ensuring successful change management involves a lot more than simply implementing new technology.

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    By their very definition, not-for-profit organisations are a different form of business.

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  • 2020: Highlights, challenges and looking forward

    When the clocks ticked over to 2020 on January 1 this year, no-one could have known what a tumultuous year it would turn out to be. If you’d told the party revellers that within 4 months, the world would be gripped by a health epidemic and borders would close, events would be cancelled, and people’s movements restricted due to lockdowns, they would have no doubt looked at you like you had already partied too much.

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