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    2. Dreamforce 2016: Thanks for the memories

    Dreamforce 2016: Thanks for the memories

    • Dreamforce 2016 WOW! What an event!

      Held in San Francisco USA, this year’s Dreamforce event certainly did not disappoint.  With thousands of people attending the event in California, there were certainly some very impressive statistics to digest:-

        • 2,700 sessions
        • 170,00 registered
        • A further 50,000 people tuning in from all over the world – including a very enthusiastic group of “Salesforcers” from Australia!

      Trust, Growth, Innovation, Quality.  These are the words displayed on the corporate branding at Dreamforce.  And as Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, delivered his keynote presentation he instilled confidence that these beliefs are absolutely at the forefront of the Salesforce strategy in everything they do.

      Each year the Dreamforce Opening keynote updates our community to the ongoing development of Salesforce and introduces the audience to the future of our platforms. This year, Marc Benioff along with key industry giants, revealed the future of customer engagement with new products and technology – Salesforce Einstein.  Describing the Salesforce Einstein as “artificial intelligence for everyone”.

      Einstein is everyone’s data scientist and brings analytics within Salesforce data to a whole new level, reiterating its place and the world’s smartest CRM.  Einstein connects everything and uses Salesforce data to bring intelligence to Salesforce users about their customers.  Using Apps, Marketing, Calendars, Social Media, Service, and everything in between, Einstein analyses your data and patterns so you can work smarter!

      The progress and growth Salesforce achieve each year is clear for all of those who are using this platform.  Dreamforce 2016 presented even more statistics and media coverage proving that Salesforce are the front runners in CRM software.

      Keynotes of interest included:

      • Salesforce is further strengthening its ties with Amazon – USA Today
      • Salesforce buys Demandware – taking a big step into e-commerce
      • Marc Benioff named Innovator of the Decade – Forbes
      • Salesforce again voted one of the best places to work
      • One million jobs will be created by Salesforce worldwide by 2018, with Two million estimated by 2020
      • Salesforce is on the list of the “Top 50 companies that change the world”.
      • Dreamforce 2016 Raised 3 million dollars to help charity RED end AIDS – working towards an Aids-Free generation.

      Salesforce are all about getting smarter and more predictive about your customers, 1 to 1 customer journeys and working with customers to achieve the very best outcomes.

      For more info about Dreamforce 2016, click here.