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    2. Case Management Makes Agent’s Life Easier

    Case Management Makes Agent’s Life Easier

    • What happens once the Agent receives the case?

      A while ago we talked about the multi-channels of communication that your customers can use to log a case – get help with an issue, a query or make a request. This week we are going to look more closely at what happens once the agent receives the case.

      This is where the Salesforce® Case Management gets really interesting! Once a case has been assigned to the best person based on the assignment rules, there are a variety of resources available for them to quickly resolve the issue. Rather than an agent having to go to various databases, call or email knowledgeable staff and/or go and find more knowledgeable staff, they can actually find the information right from their Salesforce Service Console.

      Salesforce.com provides two options with Service Cloud:

      • Solution – Solutions are a low-cost solution that comes free of charge with Case Management. A solution is a detailed description of a case and the resolution of that specific case. It is searchable and easy to find ensuring a quick resolution, communication back to the customer via their preferred communication channel and closing off the case.
      • Salesforce Knowledge – Is a leading knowledge database that enables Service staff to create and manage content known as articles. The articles are documents that solve customer’s cases. Users are able to conduct relevant searches via intelligent cataloguing and can use chatter to connect with more senior members of staff, discuss articles and update them and thereafter communicate the case resolution to the customer. New articles are catalogued to ensure easy search in the future. There is so much more functionality available in Salesforce Knowledge than what is available in Solutions but you do need to purchase licenses to gain this additional functionality. For a quick view of how they compare please view the image directly below.

      Reassigning / Escalating a Case

      There may be times when an agent can’t find a resolution to a case and they may have to escalate the case to a senior staff member. Or there may be times when a case is automatically escalated and reassigned to a senior staff member because it’s been sitting in the queue for too long. Once it has been reassigned to a senior member of the team they can write up a new article to resolve the case. Once this is completed it can be reassigned back to the original agent to read up on and then communicate to the customer. In this way, the knowledge is shared throughout the organisation and the case is closed as quickly as possible.

      I hope you enjoyed this blog and continue to follow me on my Salesforce journey of rediscovery. I’ve enjoyed learning about Case Management and there are many options for you to see it in action online.

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