Time is of the essence: Stoddart’s journey into maximised efficiency with Salesforce.

A true Australian-owned family business, Stoddart has an extensive history of locally manufacturing metalwork products. Over the last 60 years, Stoddart has evolved from its origins in metal fabrication to a large manufacturing organisation with many specialist product divisions, including architectural metalwork products, stainless steel plumbing fixtures, and heating & refrigeration equipment for the food service industry.




Data Management


While still a successful and expanding business, Stoddart found that their lack of standardised workflows and processes in their Food Services division were impacting several aspects at the core of their business – most notably their customer experience.

This was an issue that Stoddart knew that they needed to remedy as they pride themselves on a high level of customer service and felt that by using outdated methods, they were providing a disservice to their customers.


Upon engaging with the Stoddart team, SalesFix did a deeper dive into Stoddart’s lack of uniform processes. It was clear that their systems were siloed, none of their departments nor locations were able to properly communicate, nor had consistent records of conversations and outcomes that were accessible by all teams.

With no consistent processes when it came to sales and after-care and they used manual quoting methods which were time inefficient. Field technicians working on-site at a job had to rely on phone calls, so important information was frequently missed. This also meant that there was a lot of unnecessary double-handling of administration which was extremely time and labour-intensive for all Stoddart staff.


SalesFix understood that by improving and streamlining this for Stoddart, not only would Stoddart be increasing productivity, but this would also help to increase employee satisfaction, save money through recouped administration time, and allow Stoddart to put their customers first.

Another pain point in Stoddart’s workflow was information management.

They felt that they needed to modernise their data-capturing processes. These issues were costing the company a lot in terms of disconnected communication,

a decline in staff productivity, sales method and customer experience.


SalesFix could clearly see the key objective to the success of Stoddart’s Food Services department was to help build a better way of information management.


SalesFix knew that Stoddart needed a single-source view for their data that could be immediately updated by all users, and also used remotely. From accessing customer files, warranty information, potential customer leads, quoting history or allocating field technicians and stock, a simplified process would create major improvements in Stoddart’s administration.

Through the implementation and use of Salesforce in conjunction with integration with their existing systems, the Stoddart Food Services Department were finally able to start providing the customer experience that they envisioned.

As Stoddart’s future vision came together, so was the refinement in their processes. As they explored their requirements through workshops, they were able to take a good look at how all of their processes excelled or hindered their overall workflow.


They worked with SalesFix to take the steps to hone these processes to get the best results from Salesforce implementation.


Working together with SalesFix as their Salesforce Consulting Partner, Stoddart’s experience allayed many concerns that they had expressed about their business. Initially hesitant about the colossal undertaking of implementing a new platform and integrating this into their existing business structure, they happily reported that the conversion has brought so many benefits to their team and the Food Services department as a whole.

Stoddart’s staff are delighted by the newfound ease of their administration processes. Team members are reporting the time that they’ve saved by no longer having to manually scour through dozens of spreadsheets for information, or rely on memory and hearsay from other team members regarding conversations with customers.

These advancements have allowed staff to concentrate fully on the most important aspects of their roles, as well as foster the relationships with their customers at the heart of Stoddart’s business.

Always forward thinking, the Food Services department has also implemented Marketing Cloud Engagement (Pardot), Salesforce’s B2B marketing platform. This also allows the team customise their marketing efforts to leads and customers providing a more personalised and targeted experience for better incoming and repeat business.

In all, a sharp increase in customer experience and satisfaction has been proudly reported by Stoddart’s Food Services division.


SalesFix has successfully assisted them in achieving their short and medium-term business goals and will continue to support as they grow and evolve.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Managing lead generation for equipment sales and their opportunity pipeline.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Managing customer service, service requests and warranty support.

Salesforce Field Service

Managing the resourcing and the dispatch of technicians to install, service and maintain the equipment sold.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

To implement and maintain marketing journeys and engagement
with customers and prospects.

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