Hyne Timber

Actualising commitment to sustainable practices
through stronger operations and clearer communication.

Hyne Timber is one of Australia’s largest producers of sawn timber products. A leader in preservative treatments and an iconic supplier
to the Australian construction industry, Hyne Timber also creates hundreds of jobs in the Australian economy. Since its establishment
in 1882, Hyne Timber prides itself on sustainable practices throughout their business that underpin their commitment to product quality, service and safety, all of which contribute to the longevity of the business.

With a history of sustainability dating back to Richard M. Hyne’s tenure as a Queensland member of parliament, the focus on sustainable timber and practices are core tenets of Hyne Timber’s business. With this at the forefront of Hyne Timber’s operations, they knew that in order to sustain their business, they would need to update their business practices to future-proof Hyne Timber.


Hyne Timber


Data Integration


When Hyne Timber engaged SalesFix they identified several issues
in their sales and customer order history that needed revision so they could deliver a better sales process and customer experience.

Some major shortcomings that were slowing down Hyne Timber’s operations was the siloed
use of their systems and in some departments the use of paper forms. As the majority of Hyne Timber’s business is conducted between NSW and Qld, their disconnected method of data capture meant that it was hard to trade information between locations. They used spreadsheets extensively to collect and monitor customer and product information, and communicated through phone calls and emails, meaning that data was hard to locate and outcomes of conversations were not recorded easily and clearly.

As a large business, these disconnected methods severely withheld progress in expansion, sales, technology, and communication between teams. Tracking quality assurance was difficult as there was no way of flagging issues with shipments and with the staggered communication channels it made it slow to rectify issues. As a result, Hyne Timber knew that their methods of operations were ineffective and that they needed to improve processes so that staff members across all locations could access the correct and up to date information they needed.


SalesFix instantly recognised Hyne Timber’s need for greater accessibility of their data. Their opaque manual system of spreadsheets, paper forms and phone calls meant that staff across locations were not able to provide continuity of service. Affecting both the customers and the staff, they decided to seek a resolution for these issues and leaned heavily on SalesFix to provide a solution to streamline their processes.

SalesFix provided a solution that brought data from
Pronto (Hyne Timber’s ERP) into Salesforce providing staff
an accurate view of customers and their order/spend history.
The integration also included stock availability at warehouses.

This information was accessible to all locations of the business and was exactly what Hyne Timber needed to increase productivity
and form better channels of communication

Connecting Hyne Timber’s internal data management systems provided a valuable single access point for all vendor information, customer history and quality assurance data. This shift in data access gave a strong foundation for staff to increase their level of service to both customer and vendors as well as bringing efficiency to operations within the business.

Throughout the implementation and change process SalesFix provided a supportive role for Hyne Timber to help the transition to these new processes. As some Hyne Timber employees who had worked with such manual processes for a prolonged period of time had never worked with a comprehensive system before, SalesFix provided ongoing training and support for all new users, especially those with less confidence in using new technology.


SalesFix’s partnership with Hyne Timber to implement their Salesforce solution has resulted in significant outcomes. There has been greater clarity and consistency across the business for operations and communications. Efficiencies have come from ease of system use and a huge amount of time saved no longer having to update spreadsheets, filling out paper forms and making phone calls at each step of the business.

Hyne Timber staff now have the ability to shift focus with reduced administrative execution in their daily operations. They are now able to work on delivering an excellent customer and vendor experience and actualising their commitment to sustainable practices.


Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

To provide single source view of customers.

Pronto (ERP) Integrated into Salesforce

For data view only

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