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Creating optimised systems for a sophisticated customer experience

Since Goodyear’s founding in 1898, their standard for success has been based on a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. They have brought this standard with them into 2022 and are enriching their customer experience with power of Salesforce.

In the last 120 years, Goodyear has grown into one of the world’s largest tyre companies. Including their well known Australian retailer Beaurepaires, they have 250+ store locations, and their franchise program Goodyear Autocare has over 140 locations. They employ 1,400 staff across Australia and New Zealand and sell world-leading tyre brands Goodyear and Dunlop.

Goodyear services thousands of customers across Australia
each month, as their company mission promises they
work hard to deliver the highest quality in everything they do.

To ensure they keep achieving this; it was time to reassess their systems and processes, and provide more sophisticated
customer management platform, driving greater
efficiency for their customer support teams.


Goodyear Dunlop Australia


Call Centre
Data Integration


When Goodyear came to SalesFix, its customer support systems were inhibiting staff from providing the level of customer service the company prided itself on.

In addition, the employee experience was frustrating as call centre staff were having to pivot between five or more systems for every customer engagement. To the customer, the call might last just a few minutes, but the wrap up time for call centre staff was almost as long as the call itself, with data being manually copied between each system.

Goodyear also lacked the ability to direct incoming calls to the correct areas of the business, either through to the call centre itself or directly to store locations.

Working with SalesFix, a Salesforce solution was developed that would fulfil the Goodyear company mission and meet their customer experience goals.

This solution would manage all customer information from one location with an integrated call system that could manage call flow. In addition, a booking wizard was implemented to reduce call time and deliver a more than improved customer AND employee experience.


The biggest challenge lay in accessing and viewing data across multiple systems.

Each system was mission critical in the process of booking customers in for tyre check and changes, with one system holding information on stock levels and another details of service availability and so on. For solution to provide a singular view of a customer, Salesforce needed
to integrate with each external system to push and pull information and ensure a consolidated view on customer information in one place.

Managing multiple systems, SalesFix had to build good working relationships with Goodyear’s internal IT team and external providers.

A high level project coordination combined with Salesforce expertise ensured successful execution. In the initial stages of implementation, the data was only fed one way into Salesforce but by completion of the project, full integration between many of the platforms was achieved, with data streams being updated both ways.


The first task in the delivery of Goodyear’s solution was to enhance their existing Salesforce Service Cloud to be the main customer interface for call centre staff.

A knowledge library was established to help staff as they assisted customers, as well as giving them the ability to share this information by email directly to the customer. This provided the crucial foundations on which the next phases of the project could rest.

This initial phase also saw Natterbox set up to manage calls for one store as a pilot.

Incoming and outgoing calls could now be matched and logged to customer records. Case management queues monitored the flow of incoming enquiries from email, phone and web. .

Once the pilot proved successful, Natterbox was gradually rolled out to more stores, with call routing introduced so that customers could be connected to the correct location depending on their needs. While this provided an immediate uplift for call centre staff, there was still a long way to go with the two most significant improvements yet to come.

Implementation of Goodyear’s Salesforce solution has created a clear picture of business productivity and staff effectiveness.

This has allowed for easy identification of areas of improvement, reduced cost and most importantly provided Goodyear’s customers with an improved customer experience.


The second phase of implementation included full integration to many of Goodyear’s external systems.

All data streams in and out of Salesforce were automated with systems received and dispatched accurate real-time information. This relieves staff of time consuming data entry processes.

These integrations now pull in critical information such as vehicle information, stock availability, service booking calendar, customer details, and so on. Call centre staff now rely solely on Salesforce to support their customers.

To step up their employee experience further, a booking wizard has also been introduced.

This offers an on screen guide taking call centre staff through a call,
making sure all correct steps are taken and all information required for a successful booking experience is captured.

The agent is provided with Intuitive information to support the customers call such as closest store locations, products, upsell opportunities and calendar availability for booking in their vehicle.


After the implementation of their Salesforce solution, Goodyear has
seen significant reduction in call times.

This has been a direct result of:

  • Access to real-time customer information
  • Sophisticated call routing solution from Natterbox
  • A great booking wizard to simplify the process for staff.


Combined, these three aspects have increased internal efficiency, delivered a better employee and customer experience, and ensured that Goodyear can continue to deliver the customer experience that is so much part of their ethos.


Solutions for Goodyear

Salesforce Service Cloud

Email to case
Web to case
Case auto assignment
Email integration

System integration using Jitterbit

Customer data
Vehicle details
Spare parts
Booking calendar

Salesforce Knowledge


Call routing architecture
Screen pops
(displaying customer details when incoming call)
Soft Phone
(make calls directly within Salesforce)

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